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by:HMB     2021-01-22

the north in November, the weather chilled, started to become problem of all kinds of mechanical, mining machinery, is no exception. Low temperature excavator failure rate will rise greatly, shandong excavator accessories manufacturers today concluded a winter excavator, protective measures to ensure the safety and security of mining machinery, winter smoothly.

1。 Regularly check the battery

winter the weather is cool and battery power would also be affected, so if it is old battery, excavator parts is easy to appear power loss too fast, change this situation as soon as possible new power supply, avoid startup discovered without electricity. In addition, in the north into the winter off-season, excavator park may also be because time is too long, causes excavator accessories battery power loss. This kind of situation, can the battery removal in advance and stored in the interior, it can be installed in advance again starts as required.

2。 Avoid tubing low temperature freezing

in addition to the power loss, in the winter is the fuel of factors influencing the engine starting the biggest excavator accessories manufacturers recommendations according to the local minimum temperatures using the winter antifreeze fuel. If you want to shutdown parked for a long time, as far as possible to park in the shelter, sunny places. The fuel tank to fill, still place for about an hour, open the drain at the bottom of the mouth, will mix excess water release in the diesel freezing precipitation can avoid the moisture in diesel fuel oil. Intervals for a period of time to start the engine running at a time, to check whether sufficient antifreeze, such as oil.

3。 Engine must preheating treatment

the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, as you know, after entering the winter, because the temperature drops, originally using normal or slight leakage in the summer, wear failure in some cases, all of a sudden become serious a lot of, so to check the parts in time if there is a fracture of the aging phenomenon. in diesel pump plunger gap get bigger, the change of oil spray nozzle diameter, the change of valve clearance, suites of piston ring cylinder clearance bigger lot size changed, is not conducive to the winter engine starting. As a result, the excavators must do a good job of preheating before start.

4。 Insist on normal manufacturer supplying oil

the temperature drops, the oil viscosity increase, excavator attachments between the resistance increased, resulting in a decline in the revolutions of the engine is started, at the same time also will cause the engine piston ring and cylinder liner and the crankshaft connecting rod parts such as wear and tear, more so in winter to replace the winter type oil in time, in order to reduce the wear and load the engine is started. In addition, such as hydraulic oil, etc. Also want to choose the suitable model. Excavator accessories manufacturers finally remind everybody: if the engine start trouble, do not use hot water or fire heating way! Even a short period of time effective, but it's easier to rust damage excavator accessories! If you should be in accordance with the above several methods, scientific and reasonable operation, will be able to spend winter in peace.

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