Diversified demand for bulldozer accessories

by:HMB     2021-08-02

Diversified demand for bulldozer parts

Some machinery protects our precious land resources, and at the same time realizes the reuse of resources, such as slag, slag, Construction waste, etc., can be converted into simpler tools through bulldozer parts and equipment, and then the resource is recovered and used. This is why the country has issued relevant policies to vigorously support the development of machinery manufacturers.

Bulldozer accessories bring many advantages to our days. Modern new-style bulldozer accessories are now very popular in terms of intelligence, and the degree of automation is high, which minimizes our labor Strength, easy handling of the trekking machine, reducing maintenance costs, and then trekking the user to understand. The new multi-function bulldozer parts and equipment can produce various models through communication with different molds, which greatly satisfies the diversified demand for machinery in building shopping malls.

The main technical features of bulldozer accessories: stable operation: use leading electronic control skills, reliable and stable hydraulic system, experienced and reliable vibration forming skills, leading hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical integrated automatic control , Common and reliable full synchronization, pure straightness skills to ensure the compactness and strength of the product. Common forced feeding equipment: The common storage equipment avoids the premature liquefaction of the concrete affected by the after-vibration, which can ensure the uniformity of the product information, especially the production of fly ash products, which can ensure that each product in the mold box is quickly, full, and filled. Dense, with regard to the production of concrete porous bricks, more and more use of the unique characteristics of Fuheng equipment. Common mode of oscillation: The common mode of compression and vibration of the table mold can make the concrete liquefy and exhaust within 2-3 seconds, ensuring high compactness, high strength, and high efficiency of production. Log in for more information

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