Disclosure: excavator accessories manufacturer consumption 'rising' what is going on?

by:HMB     2021-01-14

excavator accessories manufacturers found many owners will meet a & lsquo; Tough & rsquo; Phenomenon, that is, all excavator operation indicators are within the normal range, but the amount of engine oil consumption is growing! After all the engine is the core of the excavator, regardless of the fault size need to be ready, so for this situation a lot of owner are also concerns about whether the engine problems!

actually engine oil consumption is a very typical problem, because the oil consumption especially good at & lsquo; Cheating & rsquo; The owner's eye! Seemingly abnormal oil consumption, but in fact is the need of the engine running! Below we will excavator spare parts manufacturers from the engine oil consumption components one by one to introduce.

the following are the key excavator parts of engine oil consumption, checked after one can clearly understand the oil consumption is normal or not!

cylinder liner, piston, piston ring

cylinder liner, piston, piston ring is the main part of the oil consumption

the first thing we want to know, piston, piston ring and cylinder liner has a seal between high temperature gas and transfer the function of the combustion engine power, so you must have good lubrication effect.

implement the lubrication effect is the main way of the excavator parts crankshaft splash lubrication, followed by cooling the nozzle of the oil, for forced cooling and lubrication, so the cylinder wall surface should have the function of lubricating oil storage, so in the cylinder wall surface processing factory has the decorative pattern of oil storage.

don't underestimate these patterns, because they have stored lubricating oil effect pattern is the new engine oil consumption of the main causes of great during the running-in period. With grinding machine and, decorative pattern of Angle are also gradually smooth, so the oil consumption has also been gradually reduced, the oil consumption phenomenon belongs to a normal phenomenon of excavator parts running-in period.

valve and valve guide

valve and valve guide is also a pair of heat load large excavator parts, it is also the engine oil lubrication way splash lubrication, the lubrication oil flow to the combustion chamber after the burning loss, of course, the oil consumption can effectively extend the service life of valve and valve guide.

but if the oil consumption is unusual, so we check valve seal is in good condition, whether too much on the valve to cause the untight seal when the valve is closed.

startup and shutdown of the turbocharger

exhaust turbocharger for excavator parts depend on the balance of the inlet and exhaust pressure seal oil. During startup and shutdown the machine, therefore, always want to have a small amount of engine oil leakage, it is also all adopt the characteristics of the exhaust gas turbocharger is also very high of the turbocharger revolution also produces a great quantity of heat, need to consume the oil to cooling and lubrication.

if the turbocharger is abnormal, inside short time won't appear a large number of oil consumption phenomenon, but after a period of time the main engine oil can be detected obvious abnormal consumption.

crankcase vent

in order to make the output power of engine can be continuous, and the crank case of excavator attachments must be atmosphere are interlinked, so there must be a pipeline to connect the crankcase and the atmosphere, commonly known as & throughout; The exhaust pipe & throughout; Through the piston ring leaked a small amount of high temperature gas via & throughout; The exhaust pipe & throughout; Import the atmosphere.

due to high-speed crankshaft rotates at the same time of oil mist exhaust to the atmosphere, which has a small amount of oil consumption, it also belongs to the oil consumption of a normal phenomenon.

by the introduction of the article, I believe you have understood, the engine to maintain normal operation must have a certain amount of oil consumption, this is the necessary condition to ensure the service life of the engine, not excavator parts failure problems!

but excavator accessories factory is necessary to remind everybody, too high or too low oil consumption will reduce the life of the machine, so in the process of daily use, we must be cautious of subtle check engine condition, accomplish know fairly well!

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