Digging bucket you know how to change?

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Digging bucket not bad easily, at most is changing the wear-resistant parts such as bucket teeth, but if the excavators and other special places in a quarry or mine construction, bucket significantly increased risk of damage, so will damage the bucket to remove change became more headache! Novice his replacement bucket time-consuming, if inexperienced in danger of cutting will be hurt, if change please master, maintenance + appearance fee is a big spending, dig elder brother today will give you detailed digging bucket change steps are summarized, hope to be of help. Change digging bucket and matters needing attention: change bucket will use the tools such as hammers, when gravity tap on a pin, metal chips into the eyes of most likely, so everybody during the operation, goggles, helmet and gloves and other protective devices must wear well. Some pin if there have been difficult to remove the rust, may need more vigorously tapping, it is necessary to remind those around pay attention to safety, after the bucket is removed, be sure to safe place. When remove the pin shaft, pay special attention to don't stand in the bottom of the bucket, don't put the feet or any part of the body in the bottom of the bucket. When removing or installing a pin shaft need to align the hole, don't put your fingers into the pin hole. When connect job, need two people to cooperate with each other, for safety work closely to understand each other and the signal. Digging bucket change step: put the bucket flat on the ground. Note when remove the pin shaft, to put the bucket just the location of the contact with the ground. If the bucket, landing on the ground, will increase the resistance, will not be easy to remove the pin shaft. Note after pin, make sure don't pin is dirty, the sediment at the ends of the shaft sleeve seal is not damaged. From the bucket rod and the connecting rod of each pin detached double locking bolt nut, remove the bolt, then remove the bucket pin shaft ( A) And the pin shaft ( B) And unload bucket. Make the bucket rod and the hole ( 1) For, connecting rod and the hole ( 2) For, and then coated with grease and install the pin ( A) And ( B) 。 Drivers bucket installation notice: 1. In contrary to remove the order for installation. When installing a bucket, bucket pin shaft parts ( A) , as shown in the picture on the right position on the bucket, install an o-ring. 2. After inserting pin, put it into the appropriate slot. The connecting rod pin shaft parts ( B) , in the slots of the o-ring loaded into appropriate installation under the condition of bucket. 3. Install the pin shaft locking bolts and nuts, then apply grease on the pin. Conclusion: through the above steps we can also see that change the bucket is not particularly difficult, but for beginners is a big test, so you can be accompanied by the old driver, carried out in accordance with the steps carefully remove the replacement.
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