Digging bucket such reinforcement, get twice the result with half the effort

by:HMB     2021-01-14
Old drivers know that the work device of the bucket is the most widely used in excavator operations, and excavators in mining operation in the process of the load the biggest working parts. In other words, the reinforcement work for the normal operation of the excavator bucket plays a very important role. small make up today to talk about how to reinforce the excavator bucket. Have data to show that a digger, on average, it takes four to eight years Five bucket, especially in the stone construction environment, bucket wear faster, so the excavator bucket belongs to consumable excavator attachments. When the bucket worn to a certain degree, master drivers want to reinforcement of bucket, which can effectively improve its service life. In the process of bucket reinforcement, most drivers teacher there is error, is generally believed that only need to welding at a pile of steel plate. Actually, this blind reinforcement bucket, do more harm than good for excavator itself, the reinforcement method of reinforcement bucket need to master the scientific. Below small make up to explain for everybody. Warm reminder 1, reinforce the excavator bucket need to be careful not to blindly operation; Excavator manufacturing technology has a history of one hundred years of development, bucket technology has also been very mature. Bucket in the absence of excessive wear, a wide range of welded reinforcing plate, this will destroy the bucket itself should be mechanics, make the digging resistance increases, sometimes can accelerate the bucket instead of wear craze. If a full range of the bucket protected, can increase the bucket weight, weight of bucket will not only increase fuel consumption equipment, at the same time under the condition of high load operation of equipment life has considerable influence. So, if there is a bucket wear serious happens, should be targeted to the appropriate local reinforcement, rather than blindly for reinforcement. 2, should pay attention to digging bucket reinforcement; Welding welding technology level of the excellent technician, ensure welding is firm and effective; In the need to strengthen the part of the welding parts to replace the whole welding, avoid excavator efficiency to reduce fuel consumption increased; 3, digging bucket strengthening experience sharing; In general, scoop the edge of knife, plate, side panel, the tooth root of this a few place is the place that wear is larger, so to observe the degree of wear several regularly, necessary is to strengthen the this several. Root up: the strengthening of tooth root mounting plate is very necessary, excavators in daily work, because of bad strengthen tooth root place will produce severe wear, long dipper teeth that go down not up. For the reinforcement of here can take two kinds of schemes, one is a stiffener, wear-resisting block is a kind of bag. It is important to note that stick to strengthen the practice of simple and convenient, economic, but should pay attention to during welding can't stitch welding with the tooth root of the weld, this will affect root welding strength. Bottom up: the floor is wear more serious area, the floor strengthening is also very necessary, stiffener plate to do hard, wear-resisting, long plank material, to protect the overall shape of the scoop, lest affect Angle, affect the production capacity. Many customers choose abandoned chain plate as reinforcing material, personally think that is great, it's important to note that welding stiffener to follow the direction of the original machine steel plate welding, stitch welding on the two boards. Side plate and the side strengthen: the side plate of the severe wear can make effective grab bucket volume decreases, and affect productivity. At the same time, the edge of knife also conducive to cut into the material, the effect of protection plate, so the scoop to install knife. Area due to the side is not high wear, so the strengthening of the side need not too strong, so as not to affect the overall weight of the scoop. 4, maintain good operating practices; Drivers master standard operating habits can not only improve the work efficiency, also can reduce the wear rate bucket, protect the bucket. Above all, to scoop to reinforce must master the correct method, do not make any welding reinforcing plate, otherwise it will be too much of a good thing. Some considerations about digging bucket to strengthen first introduced to here, hope to have certain reference significance to everybody.

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