Diesel fuel tank maintenance of nursing knowledge, you ignore it?

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Due to mechanical engineering their own particularity, its work environment is usually to outdoor environment is relatively poor, soil and sand and the surrounding environment is often difficult, so the engineering machinery equipment maintenance has played a serious challenge. We want to maintain awareness in daily, not only pay more attention to, in the process of operation and fight all the unfavorable factors caused by the adverse consequences of homework. Small make up today will lead you to learn, in the field operation, engineering machinery and equipment how to maintain the normal operation of the diesel fuel tank. In field operation, when the oil tank is not enough to supply the need to cheer for it immediately, because in the middle of a job, so usually in homework to add oil, this needs to do a good job of cleaning machinery surrounding environment, to prevent the input in the process of the oil contamination. At the end of the day job, the oil tank shall be added to the full, in order to avoid the tank wall due to the cooling effect of water mixed with fuel tank of diesel. At the same time, the daily homework before the tank drain valve shall be opened, will be at the bottom of the tank precipitation dirt oil stains and moisture out. Machine operation shall, from time to time, in the process of master volume of oil tank, accomplish know fairly well. Lack of oil should be added in time, in case caused by using oil dirty at the bottom of oil or air into the fuel oil system, which affects the normal operation of diesel engine. Fuel tank vent shall timely to ensure smooth, once the clogging will lead to the formation of negative pressure in the cabinet, and reduce the oil pressure and reduce oil, diesel engine power cannot give full play to. When the fuel tank leakage or switch closes lax, should improve attention at this moment, if not timely in order to cause environmental pollution and fire hazards. At this time, should stop welding repair or replacement switch, must not force to continue operation, or under the machine vibration leakage will more and more serious, and cause a greater loss. After the machine use for a long time, fuel tank of diesel by air to enter and moisture in the air and fuel tank wall contact produce some dirt. Part and dirt in the sink to the bottom, the other part is attached to the tank wall. Machine, therefore, every work of 1500 ~ 2000 h, a fuel tank should be cleaned, or even to join the new diesel, thanks to the failure of the dirt in the cabinet in order, it will be contaminated by dirt.
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