Diesel engine has the meaning of common parameters

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Diesel engine is the core parts, engineering machinery products when you know a construction machinery products, the first thing to see is the parameters of the engine, from these parameters above can also be a lot of things, let's to talk about the knowledge of the engine parameters. Power refers to the object the size of the work done in a unit time. Is proportional to the diesel engine power and rotational speed, and generally the higher the greater the power of engine speed, the working efficiency and speed of the machine will be high, usually used maximum power to describe the dynamic performance of the machine. So the engine maximum power is engineering machinery users machine when the choose and buy one of the key parameters. Let's to see the engine under the maximum power, rated power, net power difference between the three, and the relationship between them. ( Diesel engine power using RPM, such as 180 kw / 2000 r/min, namely the engine when 2000 revolutions per minute of the maximum output power of 180 kw. ) 。 Rated power, rated power refers to the engine is not any attachment installed under the actual conditions of use, maximum output power during normal operation. Maximum power, maximum output power is the power of engine instantaneous overload operation under the condition of without considering the damage, for a short period of time to peak value, the tested engine is generally not belt transmission device, air filter, cooling fan and other accessories. But some manufacturers in order to attract users, deliberately confused the maximum power output and the rated power output, let people mistakenly believe that the product has a high output power. Therefore consider the power of the diesel engine, can not only see the power of digital, and depends on its way. Net net power: power refers to all attachments, with actual use conditions of the engine under normal operation conditions are measured engine power output shaft of the maximum effective power output. Because any engineering machinery vehicle engine power through the attachments such as filter, output to the work device of absolute consumption, after consumption of maximum available power is the net power we often say. So we concluded that maximum power, rated power, the relationship between the net power is: maximum power>> rated power net power, in general, power rating and the smaller the difference in value net power, also shows that the power of the machine structure design more reasonable. Torque and power, is one of the main parameters of diesel engine, reflects the diesel engine load capacity, including lifting force, digging force and climbing ability, etc. Under the fixed power, torque and engine speed is inversely proportional to the size of the engine, the faster the speed torque is smaller, and vice. ( The representation method of engine torque is bull m N, m) 。 About torque we come to a common example, athletes in the race, the launching of the instant eruption is the power of the torque, power can maintain the speed of the athletes have been ran to the finish line. For excavator, the greater the torque digging force; For loader, the greater the torque, the lift; The bulldozers, the greater the torque thrust the more strong. Under the same displacement, the bigger the diesel engine torque is proved that the better the performance of the engine. Number of engine cylinder of the cylinder, cylinder diameter and stroke determines the emissions of the engine, torque and power. Bore is the diameter of the cylinder, the stroke ( Stroke) Is the piston motion stroke distance, the dead point and the check point on the cylinder number is the number of cylinders. Let's for the relationship between them. In the premise of same number of cylinders, each cylinder can be designed to 'big diameter x short stroke', can be designed into 'small diameter x long stroke', this will cause different engine output performance. Using the 'small diameter x long stroke' engine, because the piston in the engine cylinder sports a longer stroke at a time, so it produce the greater the power, the greater the torque, but the less relative speed. Like the longer the fist back when practicing tai chi chuan, playing out the strength must be bigger than strength of short, but it's attack speed is slow. Instead USES the 'big bore by short stroke' engine, because it bore big trip is short, so the speed is high, but the power of relatively small. With a small broken when it's like boxing boxing can quickly strike, but the power of relatively small. The role of the number of cylinders is, under the equal diameter and stroke, the more number of cylinders, the greater the engine displacement, the higher power. But more engines with different number of cylinders to take up the space is larger, apparently on small engineering machinery equipment is not applicable. Engine is the heart of the engineering machinery and equipment, at the time of discussion or purchase of engineering machinery and equipment, first of all depends on the parameters of the engine performance, so as to get better value of the equipment. Hope that through in this paper, the engine you can have a more intuitive understanding of these parameters.
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