Diesel engine, engine oil mixed with diesel is how to return a responsibility?

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Some diesel engine used in the long run, will happen in the oil, the oil smell of diesel fault, this kind of circumstance is commonly caused by diesel oil into the oil. So how the diesel engine in the mixed with oil? Diesel oil into the oil, generally speaking, there are two channels: first, from the integrated by clearance between the piston and cylinder wall into the combustion chamber; In the second place, from high-pressure pump to enter. First to see the first channel. Diesel engine in normal work, by installing the fuel injector on cylinder head of diesel timing, quantitative and constant pressure spray into the combustion chamber, and then ignition burning, produce the high temperature and high pressure gas drive piston downward movement to do work, also can say that the diesel spray into the combustion chamber is complete combustion exhaust gas. But if for some reason, the injector into the diesel, excessive or injection diesel combustion, these extra diesel will be from the clearance between the piston and cylinder wall into the oil sump in mixed with oil, resulting in a decline in the oil viscosity, lubrication performance, adding to the wear and tear of the engine. So, the diesel oil into the inside is a very serious mechanical failure. So what reason causes injector fuel injection? The main reason is the injector needle valve jammed, lead to diesel oil directly into the combustion chamber. This case but not at the end of compression stroke diesel to fuel injection, but has been to the oil in the combustion chamber, so it can't have a lot of diesel fuel combustion, and then flows into the oil pan. There is no burning, is sprayed into the combustion chamber of diesel after condensation in the combustion chamber into the oil pan. This kind of situation is mainly due to the fuel injector fuel injection hole blockage, gush out of diesel is not fully atomized, unable to burn. In general are fuel injector, the injector tear open come down to correction. Another channel to move from high-pressure pump into the oil pan is diesel mixed with oil. Because of the high pressure pump oil lubrication is needed in work, so there is a special oil below the way leads to the high pressure pump, it is the high pressure oil plunger pump. If there is a breach of the plunger, stuck, strain failure, such as diesel will be from the clearance between plunger and plunger body out, and mixed with the oil, and then flow back to the oil pan. These two kinds of channels, in the majority with the first channel. Fuel injector needle valve is a kind of very precise match couple, in grinding processing is are a pair, fit clearance is only 0. 003-0. 005 mm, don't say diesel, is is rarely from this gap by air. But it is very high to the cleanliness requirement of diesel, diesel in the slightest impurity, will replace it. So the diesel filter diesel engine is a very important parts, must be timely replacement and maintenance. In addition, also should pay attention to don't use a low grade diesel engine of diesel, one thousand days cold & other; Hang a wax & throughout; The wax crystal is extremely harmful for the injector needle valve.
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