Diesel engine daily maintenance points

by:HMB     2021-01-23
Diesel engine daily maintenance points in this paper, by seiko excavator repair shops feeds the paper tells the story of 'excavator daily check, excavator before running 50 hours after inspection, the first running excavator for every 250 hours running check, excavator for every 500 hours running check, excavator for every 1000 hours running inspected, excavator run every 2000 hours' daily maintenance points. Diesel engine daily maintenance points: first, the daily check 1 engine check before operation. 2 fuel tank oil quantity inspection and refueling. 3 check and lubricating oil lubricating oil quantity. 4 cooling water check and cooling water supply ( Deputy water tank) 。 The fuel pipe and cooling water pipe inspection and maintenance. 6 warning light and meter check. 7 will precipitation after a night in the fuel tank of diesel emission part of ( 100 ml) 。 Second, 50 hours after the first running check 1 to replace oil and oil filter. 2 check and adjust the fan of V belt. 3 draining fuel filter/water separator. 4 check the battery. Third, check 1 oil every 250 hours and replace oil filter. 2 fuel filter cartridge replacement. 3 fuel tank oil discharge. 4 radiator fin cleaning. 5 V belt tension tests. Six governor lever and accelerator inspection and adjustment. 7 air filter cleaning and component replacement. Four, each running 500 hours inspection 1 oil-water separator cleaning. 2 air filter cleaning and filter replacement. Five, 1 cooling water replacement check every 1000 hours. 2 diaphragm assembly inspection. 3 the turbocharger blower to clean. 4 intake/exhaust valve clearance. 5 adjust the nozzle hydraulic check. Six, each running 2000 hours inspection 1 cooling water flushing and maintenance. 2 the tubing and waterway inspection and maintenance. 3 intake/suction seat adjustments. 4 injection timing adjustment of fuel injection pump inspection and adjustment.
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