Diesel engine care seven step, not only save time more to save money

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Good maintenance can make the machine more dedicated service for us. To a certain extent, the maintenance is more important than repair. Want better to maintenance of excavator, should improve their product knowledge of excavator, raise product maintenance skills, faults and solve the fault can be self, to job losses to a minimum. In maintenance, often encounter the following a few questions. How often do the oil change? How often is the filter cleaning? Normally, we can walk through the excavator mileage to determine its time to replace the oil and filter. When walking excavator operation reaches a certain often, there will be some dust accumulation, at this point, we shall conduct a thorough cleanup. When clean air filter, the claim shall, first, after removal with handle gently pat the surface dust, filter and adopt the way of blowing will filter dust removal. Here, small make up to a charge you, in to be careful when you blow filter filter paper to wind it. In addition, the oil will be replaced regularly, or old oil contains many impurities, cause jams systems and oil deterioration. In addition to the above problems, the hose should be regularly check the cooling system, to prevent its fracture phenomenon appears aging. Once appear, can in time will the replacement in case of an accident risk in the operation. When the winter cold climate, at this time we should add hot water to the water tank, to maximize the chance that the fuselage constant temperature, when the engine is more smooth. At the same time, in the daily work in the water tank will be immediately after the discharge water clean. When mechanical use after a certain time, the belt will appear certain deformation and looseness. If can't adjust to the complex principles can cause serious equipment failure problems. When to replace belt, it should be noted that the type, length, adjusted to the appropriate location. And regularly check the battery electric storage, lubrication situation of the transmission system, in use process time observation of excavator attachments, prevent engine overheating.
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