Depth profiling! Why the engine emit white smoke?

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Engine, hydraulic pump, distributing valve is called a 3 big digger, any component failure will result in excavator cannot work normally. Engine as power element of excavator, it's normal or not is particularly important, only keep a good working state can use a longer time, as well as the full combustion of diesel fuel, improve efficiency, also conducive to environmental protection. Diesel engine work normally, the color of the exhaust gas is colorless or pale gray, in case of some failure, may appear white smoke, blue smoke or smoke, so today, let's to analyze the cause of the engine emit white smoke. Diesel high water content in diesel oil quality is not high or oil-water separator, function failure into diesel engine often contains some moisture, this part of the water as the diesel injection cylinder form the uneven fuel gas mixture, after compressed in the cylinder after combustion produces a large number of unexploded hydrocarbon and water vapor, the exhaust of color is white. This kind of situation of white smoke solution for the use of quality guaranteed product, at the same time using effective oil water separator, every morning before starting the engine check oil-water separator, and in a timely manner to eliminate moisture. Engine fuel injector failure under normal working condition, the fuel in the state of the atomized spray into the cylinder, the fuel injector failure, fuel could probably took the form of oil into the cylinder, in the process of compression, the fuel gas mixture in the cylinder is not uniform, inadequate work process fuel combustion, exhaust didn't exist in the combustion of hydrocarbon and water vapor. Appear this kind of situation, need to determine which cylinder nozzle failure, can adopt the method of fault cylinder by cylinder troubleshooting nozzle, timely replacement. Individual cylinder does not burn when the cylinder is not work, the cylinder nozzle will fuel injection, the fuel gas mixture in the cylinder after compression temperature may become fuel steam, resulting in there was a white smoke exhaust, this case decreased white smoke tend to be associated with engine power, power weakening. Eliminate such problems can also be used by cylinder cylinder method, to determine one or a few cylinder does not burn, then on to the next step is not burning reason. Cooling fluid into the cylinder cooling fluid into the cylinder also will make the white smoke exhaust, on the same principle with too much water in fuel oil, may be due to the cooling fluid into the cylinder liner crack or damage of cylinder pad, after high temperature and high pressure cooling fluid into the cylinder through high temperature and high pressure, when the exhaust of water vapor to form white. At the same time, you can check the engine oil is increased to judge whether the cooling fluid into the cylinder, after need to inspect the engine cooling fluid into the repair, replacement of damaged cylinder or cylinder pad. Fuel delivery advance Angle adjustment improper fuel supply advance Angle hour, run to the cylinder piston top dead center before the nozzle injection fuel too little, mixture volume loss, later mixed gas combustion and combustion slower over time, forming a large amount of water vapor of smoke. When oil supply too late, part of the fuel combustion is not excluded, forming diesel steam exhaust becomes white. Due to improper fuel delivery advance Angle adjustment to produce white smoke need to rethink the engine fuel delivery advance Angle adjustment, timing should be carried out according to the camshaft gear scale adjustment. In addition, when the engine temperature is too low, also likely exhaust at the condition of white smoke, this is due to the low temperature part of the diesel combustion into the oil steam discharge from the vent, produce white smoke. For judging composition of white smoke, you can use the object near the vent, observe whether water droplets, said if there is a drip of water into the cylinder, may be the diesel high water content could be cooling fluid into the cylinder. If not present water, white smoke composition should be a smoldering hydrocarbon steam or diesel fuel. In winter or low temperatures, some engine may emit smoke when just start, after being started to take white smoke disappear, this is because she's just started when the engine temperature is too low, fuel formed after injection into the cylinder unburned fuel steam expelled form white smoke, this is a normal condition.
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