Delay to return to work, collar teach you do excavator boot raiders

by:HMB     2021-01-15
This year's Spring Festival, outbreak, holiday to extend across the country, with unexpected cause most of the excavator stagnant for several days. Some enterprises gradually return to work and production at present, but the drivers equipment shutdown for a long time after the startup is especially important for the first time, careless operation, can easily cause engine damage or cannot be started. So really the from which parts to check? Shaft sleeve small make up teach you ahead of the excavator boot strategy!

after long-term parking, check the battery power equipment due to the electrical system exists the phenomenon of electrical loss, that is our long-term battery is in a state of slow discharge, eventually lead to battery supply, equipment cannot be started. Typically, collar Suggestions can according to the color of the battery observation hole to identify current status of the battery.

2, 1, check the oil engine check oil level and oil viscosity state pollution level, the oil viscosity is too high will lead to low temperatures start extremely difficult, need to change the oil when necessary. ( Check the engine oil should be checked is cold, in the engine oil gauge, scribe lines drawn in the end, the oil oil level within the scribed line is normal. ) 2, if recent repairs have been carried out on diesel engine, so there may be air in the fuel injection drive pressure loop. So much that the diesel engine warming-up and load diesel engine operation, in order to discharge the air injection drive pressure loop. Around 3, look at the engine without obvious oily be soiled, prevent damage of the natural or man-made cause oil leakage, short of oil, and other anomalies.

4, check the air filter. Device does not work for long, especially under the temperature in the condition of low temperature high humidity, air filter may occur the phenomenon of be affected with damp be affected with damp, resulting in air inflow is insufficient, can't start! 5, check the fuel system, whether diesel by external pollution, such as diesel fuel tank water or man-made diesel oil spill pollution. Shaft sleeve advice, if necessary, need to oil-water separator, fuel filter for cleaning or water homework, and eliminate the air in the fuel oil system, in order to ensure the normal drainage of low pressure oil pipe, prevent or after start engine instability phenomenon cannot be started. 6, check the cooling water condition, must ensure that the cooling water.

3, check the system on the oil level 1, the hydraulic oil tank has a glass tube, check the hydraulic oil when the arm stretched all lie prone on the floor, can see in the glass tube hydraulic oil level is normal. 2, bushing manufacturer recommendations crouch down check excavator chassis without obvious phenomenon of hydraulic oil grease, in order to prevent low temperature lead to the local pipe cracking damage of oil spill. 3, check the oil cylinder, and other exposed parts of the presence of significant impact force, etc.

4, 1, security check before starting the equipment in addition to do maintenance and performance inspection, also need to check to external environment, the engine rotating parts of the state, the details about the construction site task situation, soil firmness and stability check excavator downtime. When mining excavation, trench, check the cutting and grooves slope stability; 2, it is strictly prohibited to any personnel stay in working areas, work place should be easy to dump truck; 3, check the excavator hydraulic system, engine, transmission, brake device, rotary device and instruments, meters, can only after confirmed by the test run and normal work. Finally start, after the completion of axle housing is a reminder that you need to the engine in idle mode for at least 10 minutes, to observe around to ensure that the engine and other hydraulic parts without any exception, ensure the normal construction of equipment. 【 Shaft sleeve 】 Some information from the Internet, and strive to secure timely, accurate, aims to deliver more information, does not represent the views or responsibility for their authenticity. If this net reprint information involves the issues such as copyright, please contact with this net.

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