Daily maintenance excavator diesel engine

by:HMB     2021-01-28
When we found a 'boiled' excavator failure, must be seriously rise, should be in time to stop the ongoing construction work, the water temperature is too high can't eager to open the water cooling radiator cover, because hot water jet hurts, take reasonable way to handle it, to avoid 'boiled' damage. When touching the engine 'boiled' machinist first should immediately stop the construction, first cannot be shut down immediately. The engine idle speed, reduce the load and rotating speed, friction heat production to reduce the parts, engine heat production corresponding reduction, can reduce the speed of temperature rise. Cooling heat dissipation is the key to solve the problem of 'boiled', can open the excavator slant on either side of the door, shutter is opened entirely, have the effect of increasing the flow of air and water temperature in cooling fan under the action of a little bit down, and release of cooling system to produce a large number of air bubbles, thus reducing the speed of temperature rise. 'Boiled' cannot be immediately boiled water radiator cover, when can it? Engine idle speed running a few minutes later, make water temperature drops no longer boiling, this time you can encase with towel or veil of flooding water radiator cover, slowly turned a little water on the radiator cover, water vapor in the water radiator, release out, at this time in all water radiator cap spin. Remember to be careful when operating, in case of hot water scald the face. If the engine has been stalled, want to quickly start the engine and the idle running; If can't restart after the engine flameout, should close the throttle, the rocking-turn crankshaft by hand; If there is no hand, can be used continuously to start the machine for piston reciprocating movement up and down several times, through the movement of air suction, exhaust, the heat in the cylinder. When the temperature drops, for lack of radiator coolant, add coolant, don't loaded with different types of cooling fluid, generally don't filling water, unless under the emergency situation. When there is no cooling fluid, must carry out emergency processing, radiator and cooling water, the water will have to wait until the temperature down to about 70 ℃, use water injection method step by step, slowly add water, and let the engine idle speed running. 'Bring' is due to the excavator, caused by high temperature after processed temperature drop, we need to carefully check the clean impurities on the radiator, handle the internal oil dirties and scale, ensure good heat dissipation. Caterpillar is widely used in engineering machinery, is part of the crawler excavator walking device. Because the excavator are generally in more bad environment construction, caterpillar become loose, damage and fracture failure is inevitable. When excavator to t project, work area are generally uneven, in this terrain condition of caterpillar drivers walk the route of the improper, the body weight will tend to be local, local pressure, local can cause some damage on the track, there will be a loose problem. When excavator in turn, the side of the crawler walking, on the other side tracked motionless, a large rotary motion, if the tracks were raised on the ground part of the block, the track on one side of the card to the rotation, tracked a tear easily. Excavator is not like a car can drive on the road too long, tractor driver need to pay special attention to point, crawler excavators can't walk time is too long, so not only can cause great damage to track, will also affect the service life of the equipment, therefore, walking mobile excavator must master a degree. Crawler excavator working or moves, there will be some gravel or mud into the track, if walking in the front of the clear in time, gravel trap as interest rates with rotation and squeezed between the driving wheel, guide wheel and track, time is long can make the drivers loose track, also can cause fracture phenomenon such as caterpillar. Crawler excavator parked cannot ambiguous, also must be parked in the flat, if uneven, cause excavator crawler uneven, bear the weight of the larger side of the track, it is easy to track is pulled or fractures caused by stress concentration.
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