Daily excavator maintenance, remember this!

by:HMB     2021-01-17
manufacturer small make up found that there are many buy excavator time is not long, in such and such a mechanical failure, can say & other; Overnight rain roof leak when & throughout; 。 To the reason for this is that in the late maintenance, failure of successive. Excavator which problems should be paid attention to in the daily use, maintenance problems which should be paid attention to when? Today we are going to speak is excavator maintenance skills. Regular maintenance of excavator is the purpose of reducing machine fault, prolong the service life of the machine; Shorten the machine down time, improve efficiency, reduce operating costs. As long as good management, fuel, lubricating oil, water and air can reduce 70% failure. In fact, about 70% of the failure is due to poor management. 1, fuel management, according to the different environmental temperature choose diesel with different material grades; Diesel oil cannot be directly mixed with other impurities, dirt and water, otherwise it will cause fuel pump to wear; Inferior paraffin wax with high sulfur content in fuel oil, can produce serious damage to the engine work; Daily homework after fuel tank to fill it up with fuel, prevent system between the tank wall produces a water droplets; The daily production operation before open the conventional fuel oil on the water drain valve at the bottom; After the engine as a fuel used up or replace filter must be though the air in the road. 2, the management of other oil other oil including engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil. The oil of different grades and different levels, and can not be mixed; In different chemical or the cumulative effect of the physical movement of the manufacturing process, adding different varieties of mining engine oil, used oil clean, prevent debris ( Water, dust, particles, etc. ) Mixed; Reference temperature and selected based on the use of oil. Under the environment of high temperature, oil viscosity should be in the big, oil viscosity at low temperature should be small can be used to be used; Gear oil viscosity is bigger, can accommodate large under the traffic load of the hydraulic oil viscosity is small, in order to reduce the flow of the liquid resistance. 3 by lubricating oil, lubricating grease management ( Butter) Can reduce wear on the surface of the excavator attachments, to prevent the occurrence of some mechanical noise. Grease during storage data warehousing, cannot be directly mixed with dust, sand, water and other various impurities; When filling, want to try out all the old oil use and clean, prevent sand adhesion. 4, filter maintenance of filter have the effect of filter oil or gas path impurities, prevent the intrusion system, in case of excavator parts wear and tear, cause mechanical failure; All kinds of filter should press ( Run maintenance manual) Requirements change regularly; Replace filter, check whether the old filter is attached to metal, such as metal particles found timely diagnosis and improvement measures; The filter used to meet the requirements of the machine.

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