Cummins series QSB electronic-controlled engine

by:HMB     2021-01-25
QSB3。 3 inherited B3. Mechanical properties of 3 engine, become the same size in the first paragraph will be full electronic control engine with high pressure common rail fuel system ( HPCR) The perfect combination of engineering machinery small diesel engines. QSB3。 3 the supreme power of up to 110 horsepower ( 82 kw) , the performance reached four. 0 and 4. Five liters engines of the same level, and the size and weight is reduced by 30%, when the total power output about 3 db lower than the mechanical engine noise, low speed torque is bigger, meet the Europe and the United States the highway phase iii emission standard (with mobile equipment 3级) 。 Cummins QSB4. Full electronic control engine (5 4 cylinder, 110 - 170 HP) Cummins QSB6. 7 all electronic-controlled engine ( Cylinder 6, 130 - 260 HP) 。 And satisfy the second phase of QSB3 emissions. 9 and QSB5. 9 engine compared to satisfy the third stage QSB4 emissions. 5 and QSB6. 7 it is a new design of a new generation of cummins engine products. The electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel system to ensure the fuel in a softer, more thorough combustion in cylinder, in the case of without the use of exhaust gas recirculation, reached phase iii emission standards. The rear gear and flywheel shell design, structure, further reducing gear noise. QSB4。 5 and QSB6. 7 the noise of the engine at full load is equivalent to a generation QSB engine no-load noise value. Cummins QSB series is more mature model of market test, is the world's most successful development in the period of engine power, performance, one of the most reliable models.
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