Cummins engine naming rules

by:HMB     2021-01-30
NTA855 - G, C, M series of cummins engine naming rules, for example. N: it means the engine serial number. T: it means the engine with the supercharger ( A T a turbocharger, if it is TT said double supercharger, such as NTA855 - M350 table cummins NT855 series single supercharger engine, KTTA38 - C( 1500). On behalf of K38 series double supercharger engine) 。 A: say the cummins engine with engine inter-cooled, pressurized water cooled air into the combustion chamber: ( Note: the above have the GA/G1A/G2A, this not knowing the meaning of) 。 AA: it means the cummins engine with empty cold, unlike inter-cooled device on the supercharger turbo air from the engine front position of water tank, after using the wind to cool the air intake. 855: it means the engine emissions. Imperial units, conversion of metric unit 14 litres. ( For example, K19 said displacement of 19 liters, K38 said displacement is 38 liters, K50 said capacity of 50 litres) 。 G: indicates the purpose of the engine: G for generating set, C said engineering machinery, Marine engine, M said D said generator drive, A for agriculture, says the fire pump: F R said rail cars, T: said military combat vehicle 1 A / 2 A/A / 7: said engine maximum power output size. Said method before, such as: G1, G2, and G3, G4 and G5, G6 and so on. GA: common power is 200 kw. G1A: common power is 220 kw. G2A: common power is 280 kw. The G7: common power is 300 kw.
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