CTP caterpillar drivers oil feet

by:HMB     2021-01-29
(1) check the premise before by oil feet, check the oil quantity, the location of the excavator must be in a state level. For general oil sump is irregular shape, and the oil scale calibration is according to the level state, the upper and lower limits of oil in the oil sump. If body tilt, the oil sump of engine oil will flow to the lowest, but the oil foot position will not change, measured the amount of oil is not so. (2) when measuring the oil testing also depends, in improper check out when the oil quantity is not accurate. General 4 s shop teacher, after changing the oil, can let the car run for a few minutes first, and then shut down the engine, let the car cool for a few minutes, before he pulled out the oil feet check whether the oil in place. (3) what do you think the oil feet usually watch oil rule, we all need to pluck out oil feet first, and then use cloth wipe the oil remains on foot, then inserted into the oil pan. Because, at the time of the normal work of the engine, the crankshaft agitation was splashing oil, will touch on oil rod, the oil and oil sump oil mixed together, often affects to determine the amount of oil. It is important to note that must insert oil feet the whole to the end, not just half. Pull out the oil feet look for a second time, the location of the amount of oil is between two scales. At this point, the hand oil feet way can be vertical, inclined, or flat, is to fail to hold, that touch on the feet of the oil will flow back, which affect judgment. Cold car, engine oil basically all gathered in the oil pan, between various components and piping in the residual oil is less, so at this time of the oil quantity slightly on the high side. Shut down immediately after the inspection is not desirable, because this is just the opposite with cold car, engine operation flow and each parts between the oil has not back into the oil pan, measured the amount of oil will less. But, in contrast, cold car measurement to specific heat measurement accuracy is higher.
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