Crude oil futures listed on the domestic capital impact?

by:HMB     2021-01-22

on September 8th news, fang, vice President of the China Securities Regulatory Commission party on the BBS, the crude oil futures as the starting point of China's futures market comprehensive opening to the outside world and pilot, work smoothly push crude oil futures market.

crude oil futures grafted to the area of industry chain, through energy industry chain upstream and downstream, cover the top of the financial architecture, this is the first step to step through the financial impact the world. The financial capital of foreign get through, will is the ultimate goal.

the world commodity pricing, in the main futures exchange futures price as the benchmark price. Fang also point out that Friday from commodity pricing mechanism, the current main commodity in the world has risen from traditional dominant pricing producer or trader, gradually shift the relevant parties to participate in the futures market pricing.

world power resources, or needs power, would be able to establish a financial centre countries are in the minority. Metal futures in London, England, America's energy gold; Japan, Hong Kong, southeast Asia the pure financial capital. Has a big influence in the world.

but in terms of oil prices, China as the world's largest oil importer, but on pricing ability is limited. At present there are 11 global exchange introduced a crude oil futures, with WTI crude oil futures and brent crude oil futures, the most influential dominate most of Europe and the United States, and even the whole world market benchmark crude oil prices.

with the improving of the economic status in recent years in China, seeking a world-class other say, you are in. In the Chinese history and culture, thrashing about in the story is also a kind of portraiture that Chinese spirit.

China's preparations for the crude oil futures listed for five years. In 2012, the securities regulatory commission chairman guo shuqing's then & other; China will in the years after the United States, Britain, a third of global oil futures market, to compete for oil pricing power & throughout; 。

oil pricing power, is the important reason for the development of Chinese oil futures. Crude oil futures, it is a light through the crack of the door; Is also one of the keys to capital.

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