Correct selection of excavator parts

by:HMB     2021-01-20

wear, corrosion and aging of the three main factors can make the excavator accessories part function failure. Between the wear is the most damage to the machine parts. Reduce wear and tear to the machine, we can find a solution from the source, such as using the best materials, with advanced manufacturing technology and mechanical structure design is reasonable, the more important is sufficient lubrication. It is reported that half of the excavator accessories mechanical failure is caused by poor lubrication. According to each part of the connection of the compactness and precision, good lubricity and suitable temperature for part of the nature of work, thereby reducing the wear rate, reduce machine down time. Lubrication how to do? The first step is to choose suitable lubricant. Under normal circumstances, the lubricating oil should be choose according to excavator accessories category, application structure and the working environment. The second step is to periodically check the oil quality and quantity in a valid state.

impurities may be machine in the process of our work, this will cause great damage excavator spare parts impurities into the chance to destroy the lubricating oil film, increase the wear parts. It is understood that when impurity increase 0. 2 15%, the wear rate is normal. 5 times. Therefore, it is for good lubrication of machine is very important, especially in the complex environment. Rain and air pollution can result in corrosion of excavator attachments, this will also increase the wear and tear, therefore should protect the machine in advance from the air or water pollution.

excavator parts each part has its own operating temperature range. For example, coolant temperature should be 80 - Should be 30-90 ℃ hydraulic oil temperature 60℃。 Temperature, below or above the normal range can make lubricating oil metamorphism, increase the machine wear. And, more importantly, the excavator parts should be set in idle running a few minutes, before you start work at low speed. Avoid operating the machine in too low or too high a temperature, and the overload.

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