Construction machinery oil added more harm! Is this true?

by:HMB     2021-01-24
As if the engine is the heart of the engineering machinery, oil is the blood, change the oil in time is a very important equipment maintenance, change in time, more conducive to the engine work. Oil how much impact on construction machinery has the following: 1, too little oil is easy to cause the cylinder, cylinder serious cases will be destroyed. 2, oil too much will have influence on the dynamics of mechanical, assuming that what are you doing on the floor of cutting action is absolutely not easy, if you are in the water to do action of cutting than on the earth will be much more demanding. 3, oil also easy to cause too much oil, burning the phenomenon of engine oil, so oil should join in line with the model, according to the standard conforms to the traffic environment is a type of oil, must not wrong, it will let you reduce the unnecessary loss. 4, oil plus much more, can produce damage to the engine, the pressure increase, broken crankshaft oil seal, oil and smoke, high temperature, and the oil into the cylinder combustion, producing black colloids, will damage the cylinder. Whether the addition of oil too much or too little oil, will affect the mechanical, so in the daily machinery refueling should be in strict accordance with the provisions of standard gas, to come in to reduce the occurrence of mechanical failure.
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