Construction machinery industry: drivers sales increased by ninety-nine percent

by:HMB     2021-01-12

Excavator accessories manufacturers]

1 - Drivers sales rose 99% in November, on November month rose 107% from a

CCMA mining machinery branch of statistics, 1-2017 In November 25 host manufacturing enterprise, the total sales of 126298 units/YoY + 99 mining machinery products. 2%. The domestic market sales of 117837 units/YoY + 107. 6%, export sales of 8400 units/YoY + 27. 5%. In November 2017, the total sales of 13822 sets of mining machinery products/YoY + 107. 4%. The domestic market sales of 12885 units/YoY + 117. 2%, export sales of 922 units/YoY + 27. 3%.

growth tops: big dig a cumulative 154% year-on-year, dig in that month year-on-year 155%

domestic sales classified by tonnage, small digging for 71911 PCS / 1 ~ 11 month + 90% YoY, dug in 28817 / + 138% YoY, big dig for 17109 / + 154% YoY. Big dig high year-on-year growth, reflect this year's large-scale earthworks and mining needs a strong rebound. November month domestic small dug 7650 / + 101% YoY, dug in 3273 / + 155% YoY, big dig for 1962 / + 132% YoY, monthly growth rate were higher than in October.

construction machinery industry is expected to steady growth in 2018

new stacking fill inventory requirements are still is the essence of the construction machinery industry growth factors, but compared to higher sales base in 2017, we expect the construction machinery industry sales year-on-year growth in 2018 will remain between 10% ~ 20%. Demand level, total infrastructure, real estate growth is narrow, we construction machinery industry from 2018 to 2020 is expected to maintain steady growth. Used off supply level, industry, industry into the update cycle.

tap rising share of profit elasticity larger

from a global perspective, stable investment thanks to China and the United States and other developed countries infrastructure investment recovery, industry demand 5 - or growth next year 10%. More worthy of attention, as a result of supply chain, sales network, technology research and development, brand influence the steady accumulation of advantages and magnified, local leader of the company's market share rise and welcomed international & other; Qualitative & throughout; Recommend, liugong, attention to sany heavy industry, constant current hydraulic.

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