Construction machinery has a certain particularity, maintenance - — Never ignore

by:HMB     2021-01-23
Due to the construction machinery has a certain particularity, therefore, in the daily maintenance, should improve attention. Most machinery operation in outdoor environment, therefore, according to the different work environment should make different maintenance measures. When mechanical operation, out of the dust in the air and rain mixed with mechanical internal extremely easily, cause mechanical failure, therefore, when the machine stop work shall timely comprehensive inspections for mechanical, check whether there is congestion in the hydraulic system, the oil is clean, whether the parts failure problem such as severe wear phenomenon. In case of similar failure problems should be timely adjusted and maintenance. When outdoor suspend operation, also can choose the machine with cover to cover, to prevent secondary pollution. Many handlers blindly pursue the timeline, long time continuous operation of machines. Little imagine, such behavior would be a serious cause mechanical load operation, will greatly affect the service life of the machinery, mechanical overload when carrying, can cause mechanical loss, serious aggravating parts wear and tear, the longer it will seriously affect the mechanical use, affect the efficiency of construction work. In different seasons, we also should choose to use different oil, due to the summer heat and winter cold, can cause mechanical fuel tank of high pressure and condensing condition, thus can choose different hydraulic oil well adapt because of some fault of the problems of climate. In addition, when the construction work, try to select spacious flat road to homework, is to reduce unnecessary damage machine.
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