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by:HMB     2021-01-23
Carter excavators before starting, we need to preheat, especially in the winter, lots of carter excavators owners are facing machine is difficult to start. The inside of the engine before without preheating, carter accessories gap is larger, the oil sink on the bottom of the oil, the car must go through a period of time after preheating, carter parts oil pump start work at the same time, the oil will be transported to need lubricating carter accessories parts, engine oil to the engine starts to loop until all parts of the main parts carter, we should not worry at this time oil and turn, rapid heating up, increased carter parts wear and tear. When carter excavator hydraulic oil temperature is low, if rapid action causes carter accessories hydraulic equipment damage. In the winter, if we carter excavators can't start, don't take under carter accessories air filter, dip in with cotton the light diesel oil into kindling in inlet pipe inner combustion startup, so that in the process of start, outside of the dust air will directly without filtering inhaled carter accessories inside the cylinder, this will cause the inside of the accessories carter abnormal wear of the piston and cylinder parts, diesel engine work rough will damage the machine! In our work by the end of the day, carter excavators don't mess with, regardless of whether the flat terrain, if the position slope is bigger, can lead to insufficient excavator oil pressure. If this a long time, high temperature can cause the engine! So we must pay attention to these problems, as long as the form good habits, our carter excavators would be less sick!
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