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by:HMB     2021-01-22
There are a lot of carter excavators main reaction machine open for a long time will appear a little problem, cause the extended time limit for a project. Such as excavator carter appear & other; Muscle weakness throughout the &; Symptoms of sick will heal in time, otherwise will be further deterioration. Today we speak of what carter excavators arm weakness, this will not be involved in the carter accessories? Carter excavators weakness symptoms have to walk weakness, choice of rotary weakness, weakness, movable arm weakness, and so on, today we are going to see if carter excavators arm weakness inside of carter accessories damaged. Carter excavators arm of the fast lifting speed is closely connected with the hydraulic system, more often than not unable to slow because carter accessories hydraulic oil cylinder power reductions. Arm is like is our arms carter excavators, carter accessories cylinder is like is to control the movement of the nervous system. When carter accessories hydraulic cylinder to the following problems: oil injury, damage to the piston ring, cylinder, cylinder lid seal damage and so on, will cause the oil or hydraulic oil cavity phenomenon, resulting in the carter accessories cylinder content product efficiency decreases, the output power also follow decrescent, carter excavators arm will reduce the speed, weak problems. , the phenomenon of the big arm slowly weak and there are many, including carter accessories hydraulic oil pump leakage increase friction loss increases, and the inside of the carter accessories can make the pump to reduce total power, the flow of oil pump will be less. Because carter accessories hydraulic oil cylinder is directly proportional to the flow of power and oil cylinder, so the hydraulic oil cylinder power will reduce, carter mining mechanical arm lifting speed will slow down. When our carter excavators appear unable to failure, the machinist need timely maintenance and troubleshooting,
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