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by:HMB     2021-01-23
If carter excavators diesel engine malfunction, regardless of the fault size, will reduce the efficiency of carter excavators, increase fuel consumption. Therefore, to maintain good carter excavators, defective shall repair, this is one of the effective methods to reduce fuel consumption. If you want to let oneself carter excavators fuel operation, and can work with high efficiency, we do to keep the following points. We want to maintain the optimum condition of the carter excavators engine valve clearance inside, this is one of the basic fuel economy. If carter excavators engine valve clearance is not correct, you can make the inadequate intake, exhaust not clean, so it inevitably cause small excess air coefficient of diesel engine, diesel combustion is not complete. The result not only carter excavators underpower, smoke, such as running failure appeared, at the same time also can make oil consumption increased significantly, so the valve clearance we must keep the best state. Carter excavators cylinder components also want to keep the best state, if the cylinder component wear and cylinder compression force is reduced, will inevitably lead to fuel combustion becomes bad, it will be increased fuel consumption. In the winter we carter excavators can include a preheating device, so we carter excavators in it through the exhaust pipe for preheating, raise the temperature of diesel fuel, reduce the viscosity of diesel, make the diesel spray good, burning full. Doing so can reduce the fuel consumption of carter excavators. Carter excavators diesel preheat the best temperature range is 66 & deg; ~ 75度; , the effect is the best.
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