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by:HMB     2021-01-30
That is the best understand maintenance machine boss. Many carter excavators boss chat, talk to one of the key problems, carter excavators when oil change? If you don't oil change? Today we'll listen to return. Don't want to let you carter excavators entering into old age, it must be timely change oil, engine oil is shelf life, permanent and over time will reduce performance, lead to mechanical wear parts wear speed up; Carter excavators engine run time grew, the impurity in the engine oil will increase, this will increase the mechanical parts wear rate. Carter excavators of the oil we want to change in time, if no oil change on time will lead to sludge increased, and sludge increase will cause the clogging in filter and oil hole, resulting in the engine lubrication difficulties, exacerbated by carter excavators engine wear and tear. Not timely replacement carter excavators oil engine serious would be caused by a variety of mechanical parts wear and tear, once the cylinder liner and piston appear problem, so carter excavators in need of major repair, overhaul, however, is not each and every one of us owners don't want to see that happen, lack of oil will appear this kind of circumstance, so oil change on time or very be necessary! In our oil change at the same time, also want to replace the oil filter, must not covet convenient, save money and ignore the replacement oil filter. Many of the oil of winter and summer, so we give carter excavators oil change must choose which one to use when season oil!
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