Collar tip: false six main harm from oil to engine

by:HMB     2021-01-15
Oil as the engine & other; Blood throughout the &; , in which the importance of believe everybody very much understanding. In order to make everyone better running of equipment, collar small make up to introduce the false oil 6 big harm, quick to learn together. 1, false oil does not have enough thick oil film, hard to avoid parts wear and tear. Between piston and cylinder, the main shaft and shaft sleeve are there is a rapid relative sliding, in order to prevent parts due to the sliding surface from wear and tear, we need to be established in two sliding surface oil film. Enough thickness of oil film relative sliding surface of the parts can be separated, so as to achieve the purpose of reduce wear. False oil usually can't generate enough oil film thickness, the engine wear, various problems also.

2, false oil cannot help heat dissipation, easy to cause the engine temperature is too high. The specific heat of the engine oil is low, itself does not have a cooling effect. But when engine working, fuel combustion will produce large amounts of heat energy, which requires oil to heat back into the tank to send out again. False oil it is difficult to help heat dissipation, easy to cause the dry friction, causes the engine temperature too high.

3, false oil cleaning performance is poor, unable to clean the engine. Good engine oil will flow through the engine parts of carbide, sludge, wear and tear on the metal particles through the loop back to the sump. But the false oil cleaning performance is poor, axle sleeve to remind, if you use the false oil, you will find that the engine is very easy to produce the dirt such as carbon deposition and sludge.

4, false oil sealing performance is poor, easy to cause the cylinder pressure, increase fuel consumption and emissions. The oil can be between piston ring and cylinder wall to form a & other; Sealing ring & throughout; To reduce the leakage of the gas, guarantee the cylinder contains enough pressure. False oil was not the effect, therefore, using a false oil, easy to cause the cylinder pressure leak engine cannot output power enough, it will cause high fuel consumption change, emissions continue to increase, the oil consumption too fast and a series of problems.

5, false oil anti-rust property is poor, accelerated corrosion metal parts. Lubricating oil can adhere to the surface of parts, to prevent air, water, acid and harmful gas contact with the parts. But the false oil adhesion ability is poor, so will accelerate the oxidation of metal parts, lead to serious corrosion.

6, false oil lubricating ability is poor, unable to buffer the impact load. When a sharp rise in the engine cylinder inlet pressure, piston, piston, connecting rod and the crankshaft bearing load will be bigger, but through the bearing lubrication, the load can be reasonable buffer. False oil lubricating ability is poor, that has made it very difficult for such load buffer effect, over time, can cause mechanical failure.

all in all, the use of false oil, light of malfunctions, or pull cylinder tile burning. As a result, save a little maintenance gas engine life shortened or even scrapped in advance. Therefore, collar reminder everyone must choose quality goods lubricating oil to polish eyes.

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