China construction machinery market is a huge gold! — Shaft sleeve

by:HMB     2021-01-21

collar noticed, on March 26th morning, weichai power listed on the 15th anniversary of the establishment and innovation development seminar held in Hong Kong. Tan Xuguang weichai group chairman at the meeting with large investors and media sharing weichai 15 years of development and harvest, outline a blueprint for future development. He to overseas export engine, engineering machinery gold powertrain and new energy fuel cell has made the corresponding answer.

key words: China construction machinery market is a huge gold

Tan Xuguang said: after the development of commercial vehicle powertrain experience, especially drivers, we believe the Chinese construction machinery industry is a huge gold mine. Although the amount of the mine no heavy card, but its sales revenue and profitability to weichai bring great opportunities. Now the powertrain has entered the market, believe that the future it will become the dominant power in weichai engineering machinery plate. Now in terms of loader, weichai occupies seventy percent market share, reduced due to the rise of excavator loader, these two areas in the future will become weichai supporting the main market.

key words: the development of industrial power will be weichai big opportunity

Tan Xuguang said: weichai engine export 20000 units last year, every year growth. Growth in the past few, mainly didn't realize the whole series of composite products, without the use of the world's industrial power products as the main point. Now, first of all, weichai full product; Secondly, weichai grew big; Third, weichai accelerating layout in northeast Asia, South Asia, Europe and other regions, including North America, North America EPA certification for weichai laboratory. Industrial power will be weichai big development opportunity, especially 500 - 10000 kw, huge profits.

key words: the fuel cell engine suitable for heavy vehicles, special vehicles and special environment of heavy truck

collar quoted Tan Xuguang: the fuel cell engine is a kind of technical route, more suitable for heavy vehicles, special vehicles and special environment of heavy trucks. For marketing hype hydrogen fuel cells, don't. Hydrogen fuel engine is no place which can be used. Hydrogen key does not lie in the fuel, but in fuel management. If extracting hydrogen from fossil fuels, not worth it. But for special area, compared on the waste hydrogen rich region, coal developed area, renewable energy hydrogen refining a relatively developed area, there is a certain advantage. Such as the western region of the solar energy, the waste hydrogen in shandong, Inner Mongolia open-pit coal mine, are possible, hydrogen fuel engine there is a limit. Over the next 20 - 30 years, hydrogen as an energy source structure is an important part of, not more than ten percent. In a particular market segment, it has the advantage, larger hydrogenation is the advantage of fast, not like a pure electric.

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