China construction machinery industry in the future? — Excavator parts small make up

by:HMB     2021-01-19

【 small make up 】 “ Construction machinery industry in 2019 will remain steady and good development trend. ” On June 20, on the morning of the 15th in China ( Beijing) International engineering machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange meeting ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; BICES2019” ) At a news conference, China construction machinery industry association ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Association & throughout; ) President QiJun so judging the trend of the development of construction machinery industry.

excavator attachments small make up found that between 2012 and 2016 remain weak, China construction machinery industry since the second half of 2016, the domestic construction machinery market began to turn good, engineering machinery sales gradually out of the year-on-year drop for many consecutive years. In 2017 almost all engineering machinery sales niche present rapid growth trend.

QiJun on BICES2019 news release is introduced: & other; China construction machinery industry in 2017 sales revenue of 540. 3 billion yuan, up twelve percent from a year earlier. 7, total exports, 201. 0. 5 billion dollars, up eighteen percent from a year earlier. 5. Association focus on the important product sales growth of forty-five percent in 2017. 6' 。 Association, according to data by yu & other; Throughout the economic barometer &; The excavator year-on-year growth of ninety-nine percent in 2017. 5.

excavator parts small make up according to the association, according to data from 1 to 5, 2018, the main engineering machinery industry products achieve year-on-year growth. Among them, the excavator sales up sixty percent from a year earlier. 2. QiJun introduction, the society pay close attention to the important products in 1 to 5, 2018 sales up thirty-five percent from a year earlier. 6, exports year-on-year growth of forty percent, and & other; Beyond the expected & throughout; 。

on this basis, the next few years the development of Chinese construction machinery industry become the main points of the industry concerned.

small make up, citing qi, President of the excavator accessories: 2019 industry will maintain steady and good development trend, BICES exhibition will also continue to hot & throughout; 。

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