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by:HMB     2021-01-26
Excavator engine heat six big reasons & gt;>> Buy accessories carter & lt; < < A jam, drivers radiator surface excavator engine heat problems are caused by a blocked radiator surface, because of the radiator in order to increase the cooling area, would be equipped with cooling fins between the thin tube, the gap between fins is small, it is easy to willow flocculant, mud, dead insects and other debris jam. Once the blockage can cause insufficient ventilation rate, cooling capacity fell sharply, causing engine coolant temperature is too high. Conduct a thorough cleaning of radiator, and this can ensure the whole summer radiator can work in the best state. Second, drivers radiator internal blockage in fact now is one of the few trucks use water for cooling fluid, so the radiator internal congestion situation has rarely appears. But there are some owners or like water, while the water contains many minerals, so it's easy to form scale deposition in the radiator, heat, resulting in high temperature. I suggest to look at the radiator inside have blocked by scale, if the scale is very much, can go to specialise in the radiator repair shop opening up to clean up. The role of the three, fan clutch fan clutch failure believe we all know, when it plays in the coolant temperature is not high to reduce the speed of the fan, reducing energy consumption, so as to achieve the aim of saving. But if it failed, still keep low speed when coolant temperature high, certainly will cause the engine temperature is too high. If your car to appear the phenomenon of high temperature, and other parts are all no problem, consider to replace a fan clutch have a try. Four, fan belt up insufficient tightness fan belt up caused by insufficient tightness high engine temperature is very easy to identify, by hand press feel flabby, or refueling door belt skid chirped, said belt tightness is insufficient. Belt tension bridle degrees deficiency can lead to fan and water pump speed is too low, heat dissipation ability serious decline, so the engine temperature is too high also is inevitable. Five, excavator ignition timing error actually enter the electronic age, basic have no for ignition timing error caused by the high temperature in the engine, but in the use of mechanical pump on some of the old engine, because of the timing errors caused by the high temperature still occur. If your car is using a mechanical pump, and the phenomenon of high temperature, then I suggest to check the ignition timing is within the normal range. Six, high exhaust back pressure a lot of people probably don't know, engine exhaust high back pressure can also cause high temperature phenomenon. Generally there are two reasons that cause the high exhaust back pressure: 1. Is caused exhaust exhaust braking butterfly valve return bad, not free. 2. Muffler is the clogging or internally SCR catalysts, resulting in high exhaust back pressure. These two points are likely to cause the engine temperature is too high, and it can reduce power increase fuel consumption. Seven, all know thermostat thermostat failure is responsible for the engine coolant temperature control in a reasonable range, can neither too low nor too high, if the thermostat failure, when temperature more than open temperature does not open, or open small, will cause the engine temperature is too high. If you encounter the phenomenon of heat engine, be sure to check the thermostat working state is normal, but don't put the thermostat to dismantle need not, because after dismantling may cause the engine temperature is out of control, resulting in high fuel consumption, wear phenomenon. Conclusion: the causes of excavator high temperature more than these, these are the most common to several, and in addition to the cause of the vehicle itself, improper operation can cause the engine heat. So when meeting such problems, must the systematic inspection, don't blindly for repair, because the machine as a whole, any link problems, cause temperature different or similar engine failure.
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