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by:HMB     2021-01-28
Excavator oil leakage is divided into two categories: inlet and return pipe leak, is usually caused by the flange deformation or damage to the sealing gaskets or, if it's just return pipe leak, was probably just machine oil consumption high impact, but if the inlet pipe leakage, and leakage is larger, could affect the turbocharger lubrication and cooling, serious when can cause turbocharger shaft lock. Internal oil leakage, but oil inlet side often have commonly, if is not very serious, not too big effect. If you spill slants big, may be due to the sealing ring is damaged, can also be into the exhaust pressure too low. 1, supercharger itself caused by oil spill: turbocharger matching unreasonable damage of disorder supercharger balance precision insufficient supercharger clearance. 2, engine and other causes of oil leakage, air intake resistance large cryogenic environment the idle time is too long; Crankcase emission high pressure or poor ventilation poor oil return pipe leak note: supercharger is to rely on air seal, work with the supercharger exhaust gas and the air pressure to seal oil. 3, air seal air inlet jams, gas seal ring clearance is too large, rose sharply excessive wear, bearing clearance on the excavator oil leakage phenomenon. Extended reading: need quality excavator engine accessories please contact CTP carter parts excavator oil leakage related common cause failure: supercharger itself as a parts installed on the engine, can affect the supercharger is nothing but two factors: air, lubricating oil. If these two problems, will be reflected in the supercharger. These two points are determined by the engine itself, therefore, appear after the above situation, most of the time the problem is not in the supercharger itself, but rather in the engine lubrication system and its air supply system, the cause of the oil spill to roughly the following several kinds: 1, the oil is too dirty, for a long time work under the bad environment, should be appropriate to shorten the time of oil change, oil. 2, into the exhaust valve seal is lax, can also cause oil leakage. 3, the exhaust of leak check cushion gas leakage or tailpipes. Supercharger is the use of engine exhaust gas, sent him back two combustion engine, improve the work efficiency of the engine. The supercharger is not strictly a oil seal, it is depend on both ends of the balance of the same exhaust pressure, reach the role of sealing.
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