Caterpillar oil-water separator is very important, what's the use of it?

by:HMB     2021-01-22
In caterpillar all machine maintenance, you will hear in the oil filter, diesel filter, air filter, hydraulic filter, there is also a oil-water separator. Before a few you may have heard, but in the end of an oil-water separator you may meng, oil-water separator is what? To tell you. Oil-water separator is excavator maintenance in a filter inside one of them. Oil-water separator is the instrument will leave to oil and water, mainly according to the density difference of water and oil, by using the theory of gravity settling to remove impurities and moisture separator, and internal diffusion taper, filter such as separation of components. Oil-water separator is mainly designed to let the oil and water separation. It is composed of two kinds of filter, filter and separator filter. In oil in addition to the water system, the oil flow into the separator, first through the filter, then filter filtration of solid impurities, then speak of tiny water droplets together into larger droplets, the vast majority of water from oil separation, settling into the sink. One: the working principle of the compressed air separator oil-water separator is composed of shell, cyclone separator, filter, sewage, components, etc. When compressed air contains a lot of oil and water solid impurities after entering the separator, down the inner wall spiral, generated by the centrifugal effect, make the oil-water separation from the steam flow and downward along the wall. Flow to the bottom of the oil-water separator, and then by the filter to filter. For filter USES is coarse, fine, superfine fiber filter material science, fold and become, has the very high filtration efficiency, Up to 99. 9%) And small resistance, gas through the filter, due to the blocking filter, inertia collision and intermolecular van der Waals force, electrostatic attraction and vacuum suction was firmly adhesion on the fiber filter material, and gradually increase the droplets, under the action of gravity drop into the bottom of the separator, the drain valve discharge.
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