Caterpillar mining oil cylinder change color

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Oil cylinder discoloration is a common phenomenon, there are many reasons, and most of the color change reason has nothing to do with quality of oil cylinder. Here introduce a caterpillar mining oil cylinder color ( Black oil cylinder) Oil cylinder fault, something about mining the cause of the discoloration and solution. Fault phenomenon: caterpillar excavator, the oil cylinder color ( Black oil cylinder) 。 Mining oil cylinder color ( Black oil cylinder) Failure analysis: usually cylinder discoloration is a process of change, the first cylinder will appear the phenomenon of blue, and will gradually become dark color and then transformed into purple, until finally becomes black. Oil cylinder change color in fact not itself produces chemical reaction, is only the surface covered with a layer of color film, so looks like oil cylinder change color. Below we first analyze the oil cylinder color what are the reasons. One, the oil cylinder inside and outside temperature difference this often appear in winter. Excavator after working long hours, temperature rise of the hydraulic system, and the environment temperature is low, the oil cylinder form a larger temperature difference between internal and external, cylinder rod working in this kind of circumstance easily cause oil cylinder change color. Second, hydraulic oil, bad quality excavators in replacement of hydraulic oil, many bosses to save money, buy are not the original hydraulic oil, so it is easy to cause the oil cylinder. Because the hydraulic oil will add a kind of extreme pressure antiwear additive, different manufacturer brand of hydraulic oil inside the ratio of additives is different, so the mixture of discoloration occurs, even affect the hydraulic system. Three, cylinder rod surface impurities excavator at work, the hydraulic oil cylinder cylinder rod often come into contact with the external environment, easy adherent dust impurities, especially the bad working condition, will be more serious. If it is not clear in time, as the accumulation of dust impurities will result in color change of oil cylinder. If found to blue may be within the oil seal and hydraulic oil additives are attached to the cylinder rod under the condition of high temperature. If it's black could be wear-resisting set inside the spraying material are attached to the cylinder rod lead within reason. Four, cylinder rod surface has the appearance of fine lines and one possibility is that the quality of the cylinder rod has a problem. Cylinder surface with our naked eye can be difficult to find the crack of fine lines, the main reason is that the piston rod in the process of plating, surface heat control is not uniform, can appear crack appearance of fine lines. This kind of situation is need high power magnifying glass to be found. Finished above the cause of the discoloration, here is something about mining oil cylinder color ( Black oil cylinder) The solution of the method. One, if you find oil cylinder surface appear small and tiny blue, we can not do, this kind of situation in the work after a period of time, usually blue will disappear automatically. Second, if found discoloration is very serious, then you need to replace the new oil seal and wear-resisting, check the hydraulic system at the same time, avoid the condition of high temperature hydraulic oil. This kind of situation usually over a period of time will disappear. Three, if the bucket cylinder the first half of the color changing, it shows that the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, we need to conduct a comprehensive cleaning of radiator, and reduce the work of the hydraulic oil temperature. Is four, if change the other brand of hydraulic oil cylinder change color, the original factory of the hydraulic oil should be replaced immediately, don't be penny wise and pound foolish, lest cause damage and oil cylinder of hydraulic system. Five, if is because oil cylinder appear crack and cause discoloration phenomenon, this is the problem of oil cylinder, if you can agent to coordinate with the manufacturers, or to buy replacement cylinder. Summarizes the cause of the oil cylinder change color has a variety of, some of them are the external environment, and most of the main reasons for the problems of its own. Hydraulic oil quality, for example, the hydraulic oil temperature, oil cylinder quality and so on, actually these are all we need to need to pay attention to some problems in the process of daily maintenance. Oil cylinder change color of a small warning hydraulic system is out of order, once found not paralysis, will need to carefully check the hydraulic system, control the above several aspects to check where is the problem.
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