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by:HMB     2021-01-26
>> About caterpillar injectors/nozzle & lt; < Oil supply debugging methods of nozzle. Common automotive diesel engine nozzle oil supply commissioning in the following way: injector is used in the diesel engine, provide enough power for machinery. With the adjusting screw injection pressure fuel injector, first of all, remove the lock nut, with a screwdriver turn the adjusting screw. Then, screwing in the adjusting screw, the injection pressure increased; Reduce the spin out. Finished debugging, spin lock nut, but its torque is 58. 8 - 78. 5 n。 M, shall be an injection pressure test again. Should look at the pressure gauge pointer swing on the starting point of shall prevail. Also can adjust the injection pressure of the injector liner, because can adjust the thickness of the gasket. ( 1) Why say again thickening gasket. Injection pressure increased; Thinning gaskets, fuel injection pressure decreases. In the adjustment of stroke, such as caterpillar, drivers: the first cylinder injector schedule 3. 6 ± 0. 5 mm, by adjusting the fuel injection pump of pre trip to adjust the height of the screw position. Adjust the injector fuel delivery, such as 1 - sequence on each cylinder diesel engine oil 5 - 3 - 6 - 2 - 4, oil supply Angle at 600, the tolerance & plusmn; 0. 50, by adjusting the fuel injection pump screw to achieve consistency, push the adjusting gear lever and fixed, use a screwdriver to unscrew to adjust the gear rim lock screw, with a small screwdriver to touch in the oil control sleeve holes, using a hammer gently tap on a small screwdriver, make the control set of (to the left Or to the right) A rotary Angle, the oil will increase ( Or less) , successive adjustment, adjust each cylinder evenly, adjusted will lock nut lock. Adjustment of cummins diesel injector has the following methods: history, diesel engine working 2000 h, each fuel valve and inlet filter should be clean. Loosen the joint of the connecting all the injector inlet, then splint fixation screws loosen, tubing moved to the side, remove the filter and wash and screen if there is any breakage, should be replaced in a timely manner, and in the opposite order refitted. If carter drivers injector when unpick and wash filter, filter with metal foam, abnormal wear and tear, said part shall be immediately repair. ( 2) Fuel injector cleaning? Fuel injector cylinder head used for a long time, there will be at the top of the its external orifice place carbon deposition, serious when, will plug nozzle. Each cylinder head has eight nozzle, in general, there are 2 - Three nozzle clogging will not significantly reduce diesel engine power, but will not impair the normal work of the diesel engine, but also should check in time to clean. Method is: remove the fuel injector, remove the piston return spring, put a piece of blank paper work on stage, in one hand and fuel injector, another handle gently push the plunger and fuel injection to the white paper, you can determine whether the nozzle jam, such as congestion, wash wash oil, it is forbidden to dredge with wire, in order to avoid injuring spray hole, affect the quality of fuel injector's spray. ( 3) Needle valve accidentally leak test. The injector pressure regulating valve, spiral down, make it in regulation under the pressure of the injection. In 9 - Within 20 s to maintain pressure constant, if less than 2 mpa pressure drop, suggests that the needle valve couple has good sealing performance, or to replace the needle valve. But at the moment, we should pay attention to the hose connector does not leak. ( 4) Mark on the body after the scribed line, check respectively 1, 6 cylinder valve rocker arm, one of the cylinder ( ( 1 or 6) Two rocker arm is moving, the fuel valve plunger is at the bottom, can be adjusted ( ( 1 and 6 cylinder) Fuel injector, aimed at a mark can only adjust a cylinder, 1 - in the diesel engine work order 5 - 3 - 6 - 2 - 4 one by one, adjustment of fuel injector. Under special circumstances, such as emergency task, mark is not clear, such as homework at night, also can be adjusted by experience judgment, namely the careful observation of a cylinder injector plunger, if really have, again a bit turn the pulley, the two cylinder valve rocker arm is movable, can adjust the cylinder injector.
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