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by:HMB     2021-01-26
Excavator high-pressure tubing always tube recently, but has been can't find the reason, let me upset for a long time, only recently learned from a friend who repairs to some situation, today the house of drivers is to share the cause of the tubing tube and screening methods, hope to help friends to pay attention to our machine. The cause of the high pressure oil pipe burst 1: tubing is one of the more normal aging, excavator after use fixed number of year is long, can appear weak place, general problem appeared again, after years of weathered, rubber aging will be more severe, withhold the part is also likely to be oil leakage of high pressure oil pipe burst reason 2: hydraulic pressure will make the tubing to poor contact blowout, multi-way valve main relief pressure can be adjusted a little bit small. To find the main relief valve and turn counterclockwise is smaller, first turned 90 degrees or so commonly, in the condition of overflow whether pressure is lower. The cause of the high pressure oil pipe burst 3: hydraulic tubing abnormal vibrations that hydraulic pump, multi-way valve, hydraulic cylinder that may arise in several places; Empty phenomenon, check the hydraulic oil level is normal; Internal components wear on the pump, motor, need to open check; Air temperature is low, the oil will condense and suggested more activities when hot car for a while. The original car hydraulic tubing quality assured, usually can use a few years. Tubing tube, so on the market of hydraulic pipe accessories shop of choose and buy, no matter work and material can reach the standard, the metal ends of the tubing connector is the place where the easiest tube and the oil leakage, hydraulic system pressure one gao tube again easily. Such as hydraulic line and joint not damaged, need to consider whether the tubing suddenly caused by hydraulic system pressure tube. Suggestions can be combined with the test pressure value of main pump, if confirm the pressure value is big, multi-way valve can be the main relief pressure a little bit small. Pressure debugging methods: find the main relief valve, screw counterclockwise motion is smaller, first turned 90 degrees or so commonly, in the condition of overflow whether pressure is lower. Tubing a long aging drivers use fixed number of year, after a long period of weathered, rubber hose is aging, and the weak withhold part is the most prone to leakage. High temperature hydraulic oil temperature, such as the hydraulic oil regularly, will cause the deformation of hydraulic system components of seal aging, resulting in oil leakage, detonation tube. A mixture of hydraulic oil such as mixed with different label or brand of hydraulic oil are local high pressure hydraulic system, caused by pipeline leakage, because the hydraulic oil of additives and flow property, high viscosity of the hydraulic oil flow property is bad, will lead to local high pressure situation. So, it is recommended that the drivers using the original hydraulic oil, can effectively protect the hydraulic system. Bad operating habits if the machinist job operating rough, huge impact load will produce instantaneous impact pressure in the hydraulic system, shock pressure can lead to high pressure hose connector and hose pressure part of premature failure of oil leakage or tube, greatly shorten the service life of hydraulic pipe. In addition, the rough can also affect other parts of the durability of the operation, the frequent occurrence of mechanical failure. So, the usual operational drivers must be soft, don't do high strength, high risk action. Hydraulic pipe corroded although now hydraulic pipe has certain corrosion resistance for the most part, but after all rubber products long-term exposure to diesel makes colloid fluffy metamorphism. Produce some bad effects, try not to make the hose contact diesel, general rubber swell in the long-term immersion diesel colloid fluffy. Therefore, in the usual use of diesel and other corrosive liquids to avoid contact with rubber hose, often should clean hydraulic pipe outside surface. Hydraulic tube abnormal vibrations in the job, the drivers of gear pump and plunger pump oil pulse, the pulse hydraulic tube causes high frequency vibration, this kind of high frequency vibration cannot be completely eliminated. Long-term abnormal vibrations will cause the hydraulic pipe fatigue wear, therefore, often should check hydraulic pipe clamp and cases, loose tube clip once, will wear hydraulic pipe, and even wear the hydraulic pipe mill. ( Pilot filter and filter clogging jitter exacerbate a one-way)
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