Caterpillar excavator rotary motor how to remove

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Carter excavators rotary motor disassembly can press the following steps: 1 motor outer surface cleaning, use compressed air to blow dry. All import and export plug before cleaning, in order to prevent foreign body in. 2 break down oil plug, put inside the shell oil. 3 put the motor in the gallows clean, in the body and the relative marker on the shell. Remove the brake valve (4 Note that this valve are optional components) 。 5 remove the relief valve, the collapse of the body. 6 after remove the jam from the valve body, pull out of the spring and the valve core. Be careful not to operating valve core. 7 loosen bolts and remove the body from the shell, remove the valve plate from valve body. Don't let the valve plate drops and damage the valve plate. Remove the brake spring 8 from the brake piston. 9 with brake piston assembly tools pull brake pistons from the shell. When they pull out brake piston bolt slots available. 10 horizontal motor, from the shaft to pull out of the cylinder body, remove the plunger, pressure plate, the ball bushing, before the pad and the slipper plate. Be careful when you remove not damage parts of sliding parts. 11 fold under friction disc from the shell and the separating plate. Remove the locking ring with forceps. Then out of the shell to remove the front cover. Remove the front cover, pay attention to the operating oil seal. 13 in plastic hammer tap axis, the axis and shell apart. 14 with copper hammer tap rolling bearing shell, slide down the shoe plate. 15 when necessary by following the collapse of the work. From the lower shaft and remove a ring, mat, remove the roller bearing inner ring. Once upon a time remove the oil seal. For the purpose of use again, do not damage the oil seal. With a thrust shaft extractor to rolling bearing seven removed from the valve body. The disintegration of the overflow valve. 16 the overflow valve the collapse of the steps. Remove the plug, removed from the valve core sleeve, springs and spring seat. Place down the body, slide down the plug, the valve stem, spring, spring seat and valve head. But don't move adjusting screw and fastening nut, if the damage to change group. 17 the overflow valve assembly. Shall be carried out in the collapse of the opposite order, pay attention to the following points before assembly. Disintegration of good repair damaged parts, ready for distribution. Clean all parts with clean oil, and dry compressed air. To the sliding table and coated with hydraulic oil such as, bearings, and kept clean. Replace the o-ring and seal. With a torque wrench to tighten each bolt torque according to regulations and congestion. Modern - 7 series drivers working principle of the rotary motor rotary brake ( The median) : when control handle in a mechanical braking action removes slewing brake: ( Start the rotation) Brake control reversing valve: when the rotation stops, the MCV stem fuel cut-off, rotary motor reverse rotation function of the pump ( Braking effect) , in order to prevent the motor pressure rise and set. Hydraulic motor rotary device can two-way drive. When stop rotating motor, because of the action of motor by pump, both sides will be oil up tight, so the phenomenon of the brake. Stop rotating motor will be pressure, but produces deviation of 4 ~ 5 degrees. Device to prevent deviation in the normal braking condition when cut off between two points, but when the rotary deviation, the deviation produced when tight in the process of oil parts & other; Transfer & throughout; , reduce the motor pressure, reduce the deviation Angle.
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