Caterpillar excavator meet these situation, please attention!

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Small details destroyed machine maintenance or have been involved a lot of owner are maintenance, accumulate over a long period also & lsquo; Steal & rsquo; A lot of maintenance tips and experience, so of course think drivers some fault or maintenance can be started to do their own, save time also save a lot of money. In fact really so optimistic? First take a look at the following a few maintenance machine details, I believe you know where is the gap. First: just don't need not too much oil change the oil is introduced, and an engine profile must be a good partner can, and must be replaced after a certain number of hours, to ensure that the lubrication effect, attention! Is change! But there are quite a few drivers see lack of oil, just don't change, but this kind of operation will make new oil and pollution have old oil mixture, not only cannot achieve the expected effect, even exacerbate accelerated wear of engine parts. So the oil replacement and maintenance not only should inject new oil, also need to thoroughly clean the oil duct, will remain in the oil pan and thoroughly remove impurities in the oil. Second: struck butter to butter is the most cheap and is one of the most important maintenance products, have the effect of lubrication and sealing, and also not make butter live with high technical content, if so then can play at will? Is not! For example, some novice owners or maintenance will be in the gasket when coated with butter, this situation not only short of sealing effect, also after tightening bolts will squeeze the butter to the waterways and canals, oil leakage, damage to the cylinder pad, carbon deposition and so on the fault also follows! Summary in a word, you must not be the butter, shouldn't be playing place don't do STH unconventional or unorthodox to try. Third: flame heating maintenance master knows, when the piston pin needs to make its heat expansion, namely heat bilges cold everybody understands the reason, so some teachers will be holding a fire to bake, seemingly simple and easy, also can achieve a goal, flame heating uneven parts deformation is actually on the other hand, still can let new piston attached outside a layer of ash, use effect and life are sell at a discount greatly. Here to teach you a simple method of piston can be placed in hot oil evenly heating the slow swelling. Fourth: coarse sand paper burnish bearing shell tile looked at nothing technical content, but just like cooks mastering, sometimes the effects of blowing out unsatisfactory still can not meet the expected demand, so a lot of maintenance master will choose to replace scraping tile with coarse sand paper burnish. This method is highly desirable in the actual maintenance, due to the abrasive hard sand paper, and the bearing alloy is soft, so when grinding sand is simple embedded in the alloy, diesel engine work will speed up the shaft neck wear, shorten the using life of the crankshaft. Fifth: water tank water boiled sudden add cold water motor overload, good heat dissipation owe or deficiency can form water tank water boiled, the controls of the driver may have been losing your marbles started pouring cold water, and in this case if add cold water immediately, will cause the cylinder head and cylinder block burst. Once found water tank water boiled in the construction process, therefore, should take emergency measures to suspend the work, make the diesel engine cooling water to cool. Summarize daily maintenance process, many details will affect the use effect of the machine, the life, so it would require the owner, pilot control maintenance experience more at ordinary times, little detours.
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