Caterpillar excavator maintenance under the high temperature? _CTP carter

by:HMB     2021-01-30
Under the condition of high temperature maintenance excavators? Under high temperature and early warning, the excavator maintenance should pay attention to the following: method/step 1, antifreeze, needs to be changed to check whether the antifreeze is due, antifreeze used not only in the winter, the summer can also have very good avoid & other; Boiled & throughout; And scaling function, authentic antifreeze can use 2000 hours, average antifreeze can only be used for 1000 hours. Different brands of antifreeze is not the same, don't mix. 2, tanks, hydraulic oil radiator, these places are easy to accumulation of air conditioner condenser deadwood rotten leaves, or catkin villi adsorption, prevents water tank, and the hydraulic oil cooler of air conditioner condenser cooling, it is easy to cause high temperature, high temperature hydraulic oil metamorphic engine, air conditioning and refrigeration. 3, the high temperature of summer, grease excavator working temperature will be higher, high temperature can make the soften grease, adhesion performance, easy to loss, cause the loss of working device and rotary device lubricating performance and even failure. 4, tire wheel excavator driving in the summer, has flat tire safe hidden trouble, often should check the engine braking efficiency, to cool the tyres. When the tire pressure, tire temperature is exorbitant, should be parked in the shade after cool again. 55, wading homework much rain in summer, when wade, don't let the water more than on the center of the roller; When the water, also don't make the excavator Angle for more than 15 & deg; Avoid the upper structure into the water; Crawler tension bearings, oil cylinder is often loosely held ( Remove silt on the oil cylinder, to prevent the cylinder rust) 。
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