Caterpillar excavator injector pressure too high will have what effect on engine

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Injection pressure injector, refers to the injector started injection pressure. In order to guarantee the normal combustion process, all kinds of diesel injector fuel injection pressure has certain standards. Injection pressure is too low, will reduce when the fuel injection oil flow rate and spray cone Angle and oil beam range decreases, and atomization quality deteriorate, prone to drip phenomenon; At the same time also can make the injection starting point in advance, the finish later, injection duration, fuel injection quantity increase. As a result, the complementary combustion is aggravating, incomplete combustion, exhaust smoke and carbon deposit is serious. If the injection pressure is too high, will increase fuel pump and fuel injector wear and tear, diesel leakage loss increases, reduced the volume of fuel injection, fuel injection duration shortened, fuel injection rate increases, causing diesel engine work. Thus, fuel injection pressure is too high or too low, not only to cause a decline in the diesel engine power, increasing fuel consumption rate, but also to reliability and service life of the diesel engine work has a certain influence. Fuel injector fuel injection pressure adjustment must be done by the regulation. The plunger matching parts and needle valve couple under the condition of technology to be in good condition, can be transferred to the specified value of the maximum injection pressure, and under the condition of the couple wear heavier, lower limit should be adjusted to the specified value. Diesel engine as a generator prime mover, a significant role in the diesel generator set performance. For the end users, the engine fuel consumption, the transient response and reliability is an important indicator of the end user requirements. Today we will from the engine fuel injection system on the influence of different fuel injection system on the engine performance, fuel injection systems affect the engine performance mainly through the following three aspects: & middot; Injection pressure & middot; Injection system control mode & middot; The structure of the injection system and the three aspects will affect the engine fuel injection system structure and control. Currently on the market of diesel generator engine fuel injection system has three types: mechanical fuel injection, electronic fuel injection and high pressure common rail fuel injection system. Now we will from the above three aspects to compare three different fuel injection system: a, injection pressure, from the perspective of the development of diesel engine, as the technology innovation of diesel engine fuel injection pressure fuel injection system is increased. From mechanical fuel injection, electronic fuel injection to the high pressure common rail fuel injection system, the injection pressure is gradually increased. The diesel fuel injection pressure, the greater the fuel velocity is higher, the greater the resistance in the nozzle. Therefore diesel atomization is more uniform, smaller particles, the atomization quality is better, better oil and gas mixing, burning more fully. Fully burning will reduce the diesel consumption of the engine and improve the engine emissions performance. At the same time the fuel injection pressure, the greater the per unit volume of fuel quality, the greater the engine transient respond better, have more power density. Second, the control method of fuel injection system of injection system control center for the governor, usually from mechanical speed to electronic speed diesel engine governor, to computer control, the control and the automatic and accurate development step by step. Caterpillar engine, for example, caterpillar engine governor from 3161 mechanical governor, 1724230 1 A PSG to electronic governor, governor ADEM to computer. As the control of motor speed control and improvement of precision, automation fuel burn more fully, its oil consumption gradually reduce, gradually increase their emissions performance, engine transient response is more sensitive. At the same time generating set weaver ability also increase accordingly. 3 the same control system, the structure of the injection system, the same way of injection, if the structure of the injection system, its reliability will change accordingly. Below we list to compare two groups of different injection system structure: 1, electronic fuel injection computer speed of EUI and a public oil pump system. EUI electronic fuel injection and computer control fuel injection system EUI electronic fuel injection and computer control fuel injection system b. Electronic fuel injection computer speed regulating public electronic fuel injection pump fuel injection system of computer speed regulating public pump fuel injection system from two different fuel injection system, we can see in figure 1 computer speed controller is for point to point control of fuel injector, and figure 2 computers speed controller to control the oil pump. That is to say, in the fuel injection control path center more than two out of a single point of failure ( The oil pump) 。 That is to say, in figure 1 any a fuel injector failure can lead to engine output decreases, and will not lead to the engine failure; And if the oil pump fault in figure 2, even if the fuel injector is normal, the engine will not work. Thus, figure 1 injection system reliability is better than in figure 2. Figure 1 at the same time, point to point control will be more accurately control the amount of fuel injection time and injection nozzle, the transient response and burning full degree is better.
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