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by:HMB     2021-01-25
Caterpillar excavator industry environmental leaders! On April 22, we usher in the 50th & other; Throughout the world earth day &; 。 On this day, every corner of the world are in their own way, practice the care about the earth. Be familiar with the caterpillar knows that sustainable development is one of the core values of caterpillar, this concept has penetrated into every detail of caterpillar's daily operation. In 2018, relying on solid efforts in sustainable development, caterpillar 19th in the dow Jones north American and global sustainable development index ( DJSI) 。 On this special day, let's set a dish of caterpillar in a beautiful home for construction at the same time, is how to protect our common homeland! Using the innovation science and technology for energy conservation and emissions reduction of caterpillar, the concept of sustainable development from its own products, avoid waste, improve product quality and develop more excellent system for environmental protection. Simulation technology for product testing process takes time, the problem of great energy consumption, caterpillar China r&d center engineers using the innovation concept, developed a new product validation process based on virtual simulation technology. This process can effectively save the sample cost and the time required for traditional test, shorten product validation time 40% By 80% and reduce the energy consumption in the physics test. 猫® ( Carter) CAT® intelligent technology and services; Intelligence is collect a variety of advanced technology and service in the integration of digital solutions, help customers to monitor and manage equipment, improve equipment efficiency, and can predict the potential failures. Practice has proved that using CAT® Intelligent technologies and services of caterpillar equipment about 30% more fuel-efficient than don't have the equipment to use the service. A new generation of CAT® ( Carter) Hydraulic excavator hydraulic excavator is equipped with a new generation of CAT is a new intelligent pattern in mining operations, can automatically match engine and hydraulic system of the power, fuel consumption and performance optimization. Such as CAT320GC, 320 and 323 with fast response and high efficiency of a new hydraulic system, hydraulic oil consumption reduction of up to 20%, save costs at the same time protect the environment. To make the best use of waste products of surplus value, caterpillar remanufacturing is not just a simple recycle and reuse, but is blank with spare parts for old products, through the use of advanced surface engineering technology to repair method to implement the new product manufacturing. Remanufacturing product and new product have the same product quality assurance. Caterpillar remanufacturing business has more than 40 years, the world's existing more than hundreds of employees, has 4000 employees are engaged in caterpillar remanufacturing business. 75000 tons a year through remanufacturing, recycling of old pieces, each year 2. 2 million pieces then dispatched to the global manufacturing finished products. Through the remanufacturing process, caterpillar effectively prolong the lifecycle of the product, thereby significantly reducing the waste materials. According to the caterpillar sustainable development report 2017, caterpillar's remarkable achievements in energy conservation and emissions reduction & ndash; — Greenhouse gas emissions compared with 2006 was reduced by 29%, 17% lower energy wastage, water consumption by 32%. Not only that, the proportion of caterpillar's use of renewable energy has been up to 31. 2%, the proportion of recycling have been as high as 83. 5%. To restore the natural landscape restoration of precious natural landscape related efforts is caterpillar in one of the important measures for the sustainable development field. Globally, caterpillar teamed up with related parties including dealers and customers, common wetland restoration, forest, grassland and farmland and coastal landscape and other natural landscape. For the protection and restoration of natural resources can not only bring economic, environmental and social benefits, more can effectively reduce the content of carbon in the atmosphere. In Britain, the caterpillar foundation has teamed up with Perkins engine company established a program called & other; Wild stafford & throughout; Project, help maintain and improve the stafford area wetland; In California, caterpillar has investment contribute to the nature conservancy's coastal recovery plan. ( This article from caterpillar China)
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