Caterpillar excavator have bubbles in the hydraulic oil is how to return a responsibility?

by:HMB     2021-01-27
From the perspective of the lubrication, hydraulic oil, it has the following properties: good viscosity-temperature, anti-foam and air release ( This is an important performance of the hydraulic oil) , oxidation resistance and heat resistance; Also has a good hydrolysis stability, abrasion resistance, filterability, For the high cleanliness requirements of the hydraulic system can be fully applicable) , demulsibility, oil-water separation and so on. In the low temperature or hydraulic equipment used in outdoor environment, still need to pay special attention to its low temperature performance. Of course, the hydraulic oil in addition to the role of lubricating oil, it also ACTS as the energy transfer medium, that is special about the hydraulic oil. Are the dangers of bubbles in the, hydraulic oil, 1, increase the compressible property of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil in hydraulic system is the transfer medium of power, in order to achieve the transmission efficiency of hydraulic system, has the status of the hydraulic oil should be enough for the hydraulic medium & other; Hard & throughout; , just as its name implies is incompressible. Among them, the air is a gas, can be compressed, it like a sponge reduces the pressure the effective transmission rate. The bubbles in the hydraulic oil not only influence the transmission efficiency, severe cases can cause poor systems work, any mistake may even cause serious accidents. 2, cavitation phenomenon: cavitation phenomenon will cause by denudation of hydraulic system components, the system has a great deal of harm. 3, produce vibration and noise: running in the hydraulic oil bubble increases system to produce vibration and noise, forcing the volumetric efficiency of the pump to reduce, etc. 4, temperature rise too fast: when bubbles as the flow of hydraulic oil, when through the high pressure area, can from the atmospheric pressure condition, rapid compression to 3000 atmospheres, bubble is compressed, the local temperature will quickly reach several baidu even more than 1000. Such high enough to make oil decomposition, thus oil black appearance, carbide, even lead to the moving parts surface oil sludge adsorption. Second, the causes of bubble in the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil, 1 water; 2, different brand of hydraulic oil mix; 3, seal, joints, pipe leakage; 4 a serious shortage of oil, hydraulic oil; 5, poor fuel tank design, if there is a smaller tank volume, suction hose and return hose between the spacing of less than the oil flow rate is rapid, the hydraulic pump suction tubing into oil is too short, and so on; 6, when the system stops working, the oil in the oil chamber on the tubing back to return to the fuel tank, in the process, also can form the area of partial vacuum, air is easy to invade in these areas. Therefore, in all parts of the car mainly keep pressure is approximately equal to atmospheric pressure; 7, back to the oil splash, agitation, and formed a bubble; 8, the area of a sharp decline in oil pressure, if sectional sudden change, oil in the air will be rapidly released, has formed the cavitation. When the hydraulic oil bubble increased, car mainly seriously and timely treatment; To find the reason, do not blindly blindly add antifoaming agent. At the same time, in the life, to analyze the performance of the product a lot, such as hydraulic oil air release and anti-foam, etc. If still appear such problems, they should check the hydraulic oil index and the design of the tank.
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