Caterpillar diesel generator _ import regular service and maintenance points

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Caterpillar's also has a lot of kinds of diesel generator set, used in each big important occasions. As the saying goes away for a rainy day, be safe is the best preventive measures, for the maintenance of diesel generator, the correct way should be preventive maintenance, the maintenance with the advantages of economical and practical, but also can effectively prolong the life of oil generator use. Combined usage of diesel generators, timing report on mechanism in the day, and at the same time to deal with the problem timely, positive adjustment and maintenance plan, is the key to ensure diesel hair single machine work better. Diesel generators in the process of daily maintenance and maintenance, should pay attention to the points: mainly yuchai generator maintenance. Daily diesel generator daily inspection work, mainly including fuel tank fuel quantity, save fuel, make sure the oil amount according to the requirements in a timely manner to add. 2. Oil sump oil plane should be timely check regularly, to ensure that can reach the scribed line mark in the oil gauge, timely according to the specified amount to supplement. 3. Timely check the status of water, oil and gas and the oil, water piping joint sealing surface, such as oil, water leakage phenomenon timely processing, timely eliminate exhaust pipe and cylinder head gasket, turbocharger leak phenomenon, solve the problem from the root. 4. Different attachments of the diesel engine installation, soundness, anchor bolt is connected to a mechanical work of timely inspection, to ensure reliable sex. 5. To observation in the instrument and check in time, ensure the normal reading, malfunction timely repair and replacement. The above five is the focus of the diesel generator maintenance on a regular basis and maintain relatively few parts, to ensure that the operation of the diesel generator in a timely manner, a better foundation for generator to extend the service life.
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