Caterpillar 797 b why so expensive

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Caterpillar 797 b, 797 b, carter presumably familiar, it is the largest type of dump truck, carter is also the world's largest mechanical transmission equipments. Carter 797 b photos on the Internet, who also not surprising. But the internal structure of it is what kind of do you understand? Here, a real engineering machinery network to take you into the interior of the 797 b carter, allowing you to see them all. 10 years ago, carter has developed 797 b carter generation model, but I haven't given its formal models, so it will still use 797 b as the name, carter did not officially released until the second year MINExpo carter 797 f. Now, the first to look at the front suspension, and other carter dump truck, carter 797 b is the candle type independent suspension, thick before hanging cylinder bolted directly on the frame. Figure in the s-shaped hose is front wheel braking of the hydraulic tubing. In the front suspension cylinder and frame joint of the back, is to the hydraulic system of hydraulic oil filters, next to a vertical cylinder is turned to the accumulator in the hydraulic system. Layout in the frame on the right side, in front of the lifting oil cylinder of the hydraulic oil tank, the tank interior is divided into three Chambers. Lower part of the chamber, as and hydraulic steering system, brake cooling system fan service, lower part of the chamber, service for lifting system, brake cooling pump, smaller chamber, above for brake pump and driving axle drive pump lubrication service execution. Carter 797 f after suspension, rear axle in the form of more connecting rod connected to the frame, it is the same with carter in 797 and 797 b, the diagram you can see two connecting rod up and down. From the rear axle shell gap through the bridge is two brake hydraulic tubing. Carter 797 f gearbox for 7 planet type automatic transmission, visible in the figure, in fact, before and after the gearbox was divided into two parts, the other side after the gearbox is directly installed on the rear axle. Carter 797 f driving axle, and two models no change before and after seen in figure two hanging cylinder, and in the middle of the circular flap is install differential. Yes, that's right, from axle differential side after installation. Differential is like this, has realized the modular, from the rear axle installed behind it, and the gearbox from the front connection, disassembly is very convenient, of course, must first half shaft. Pull down, rear axle differential shell, internal layout has a continuous lubrication piping. Said in front of the transmission and driving axle together, then the torque converter, with engine together, of course with locking clutch and torque divider, there are a number of hydraulic pump to drive? Carter 797 f electronic information level is quite high, it is located in the cab front several ECM ( The electronic control module) , control VIMS ( Key management information system) , braking, chassis, transmission parts, such as another engine ECM is installed on the engine, all the ECM through the bus connection. Carter 797 f is 20 C175 engine cylinder, different from the first two models used by the 3524 engine, 3524 is actually made up by two 3512, with the two engine ECM, so you won't have to bother C175, need only a ECM. This is carter 797 b transmission control valve, 797 f is similar, is to control transmission of each clutch with internal, so as to realize the switch of different gears. In the rear of the torque converter torque divider drive multiple hydraulic pump, this is the steering pump, steering hydraulic system is also responsible for according to the temperature sensor signal driven hydraulic fan. Due to 797 f is equipped with the advanced braking system, carter need front wheel steering Angle information, so on the right steering cylinder is equipped with piston position sensor, signal to brake the ECM. And other brother carter, carter 797 b USES oil cold wet disc brakes, brake the intense heat generated when taken away by the hydraulic oil, the high temperature hydraulic oil cooling, also need to decorate in the hydraulic tank in front of the vertical three square heat exchanger, with engine coolant to cool the braking of the hydraulic oil. If there is any infringement please contact deleted by source network
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