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by:HMB     2021-01-23
Carter old excavator machine Lord might have you met the hydraulic system is sound, what cause carter excavator hydraulic system that sound? Today we're going to analyse the carter excavator hydraulic system sound reasons and solutions! Invasion to carter excavator hydraulic system, the air volume in the low pressure area is larger, when entered the high compression, suddenly smaller, and when it left into the low pressure, volume increases suddenly, the bubble volume change suddenly, & other; The explosion & throughout; Phenomenon is created, so just can have noise. To this kind of situation happened on carter excavators, we usually set on the hydraulic cylinder exhaust, so convenient exhaust. There is a commonly used method is when we start the carter excavators, perform a full in a quick stroke reciprocating exhaust several times. Some excavator machine Lord carter to replace hydraulic pump are still could not solve a problem, it is how to return a responsibility? The problem is about the hydraulic pump quality is bad, we buy the excavator carter did not meet the technical requirements for accuracy, pressure and flow rate volatility, not well eliminate trapped oil phenomenon, bad sealing and bearing quality is the main cause of sound. We carter excavator hydraulic pump in use process, due to the hydraulic pump parts wear, gap is too big, flow, pressure fluctuation, also can cause different ring. We can better solve like this, we should choose good quality carter excavator hydraulic pump. We need to carry out repairs and maintenance regularly, pay attention to the operation condition of hydraulic pump!
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