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by:HMB     2021-01-29
Carter generators are to be of hygiene. Carter in the operation of the generator set in, if there is dust, tar and other debris into the internal, will form the generator set accessories carter short circuit, can damage the conductor insulation, cause the turn-to-turn short circuit, current, temperature and burning carter generator set accessories. Therefore, we need to prevent dust, tar and other debris into the generating set inside, carter also often give carter generator external cleaning, don't let the noise of generator set accessories carter radiating rib with dust and other sundry, ensure generator set accessories carter heat in good condition. We often observe and listen carefully, smelling stop immediately. Carter generating set with and without vibration and noise and abnormal smell. Carter in the operation of the generator set in, especially high power generating set carter more often to the inside of the accessories, see if carter generator parts is loose, reliable grounding position. Increase if found carter generator vibration, noise and smell, must stop as soon as possible, and find out the reason troubleshooting! We must keep carter generator working current but big. Generating units due to the large load, the voltage is too low or is driven mechanical binding, etc can cause generator set accessories carter overload running. Carter in the operation of the generator set in, therefore, should pay attention to regularly check generator set accessories, see if gearing flexible and reliable, even the axis whether the concentricity of the standard, the flexibility of gear transmission, etc. , if discover the generator set accessories carter have card lag phenomenon, should immediately stop running after troubleshooting. So carter generating set as long as good maintenance can ensure good operation. Our carter generator shall be located in the position of the drying, ventilation, and easy operation, and dust collection on a regular basis. Check carter generator set accessories, look at the inside of the electric parts are reliable, the mechanical parts movement is flexible, to keep its good technical state, thus ensuring generator set accessories carter work smoothly without being burned!
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