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by:HMB     2021-01-23
Many master excavators open for a long time, just thinking about buying a car to dry, but better the new machine is too expensive, so a lot of teachers is to buy second-hand excavator carter is more, so fast, not only to the back pressure is not so big. But if buy carter excavators working condition is bad, will let you too tired, every day like you drivers master said: was not maintenance, bought a second-hand drivers come back, just a half a repairman. So we must when buying second-hand excavator carter on the condition of the car. Many owners bought carter excavators work for a while, not only heat engine, the inside of the accessories carter also often out of the question. But the most troubling or heat engine. Have a friend who bought a second-hand excavator carter back, it is just because of the high temperature all day, now he has become half of maintenance master. High temperature engine we must first learn to & other; See & throughout; , in the case of high temperature, we have to stop to check and see if carter accessories pump is damaged, the water inside cistern is normal, whether is leaking water tank and conduit, if a carter found spear parts appear problem, we will timely replacement or repair. The engine temperature is too high, we first need to check the cooling system is not normal, or see no dirt attached to the radiator, master a lot of drivers are mainly by four steps to solve the problem of high temperature the engine & other; A look, two, three, four & throughout; As long as mastering these four steps, can reasonable solution to the problem of carter excavators engine temperature is too high!
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