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by:HMB     2021-01-23
After the Spring Festival, the south of the rainy season started & other; Throughout the &; Rose, carter excavators owner during this time also can't do something, excavators there is also need maintenance. The carter accessories maintenance is good wait for a sunny went out to work. Carter excavators in the rainy season in daily carter accessories maintenance we need to pay attention to what issues? The rainy season is much, also can appear mountain torrent disaster, if something emergency need carter excavators out to assist flood, we must pay attention to safety, especially when they are in operation in the rain. Many in the south of carter excavators teacher, just finished the torrential rain, when starts when a little careless, did not observe the terrain in advance, will take carter excavators, lead to car. On a rainy day job also to pay attention to the situation of the road, especially in some thick mud, dirt after the heavy rain wet to the skin, very slippery, it is easy to the carter excavators hollow. Carter excavators, avoid too close to the cliff in the rainy season, the edge of the ditch, soft ground, if the place is easy to cause falls carter excavators or tilting, it will seriously damage carter accessories. Carter excavators park is also very important the rainy season, can put the garage, put your best garage, avoid parking in excessive in the moist environment, because the environment is too wet, will lead to a carter accessories electrical damage. Parked for a long period of time, we need to start on time once, let carter accessories battery charge the electricity. Parking time is long, we want to carter excavators antirust processing, color the anti-rust oil, to avoid rust and make the machine operation block.
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