Carter, overhaul, carter pistons

by:HMB     2021-01-23
When we found that the generator set accessories carter oil leakage, water leakage, leakage phenomenon, will lead to increase diesel engine fuel consumption, accelerate the generator parts wear and tear, carter in power decrease and so on. So be sure to repair in time. Generator set accessories carter diesel oil pipe joint leak proof gasket leaks, available in both sides of the leakproof washer add a layer of double-faced smooth thin plastic mat, tight to prevent leakage. Carter generator set accessories oil pan, cylinder head, gear cover, crankcase cover the place such as the seal leakage, if packing in good condition, clean faying surface can be in both sides seal with a layer of butter, screw down the screws to prevent leakage. If we are to appear on the generator set accessories carter solid gasket defects ( Concave pit, groove, rupture) And formation interface leakage and leakage of destructive, wash clean with liquid sealant on solid gasket surface, after curing can form uniform, stable and continuous adhesion can be stripped of film washer, can control all the leakage phenomenon. Carter generator set accessories such as fuel tank, water tank, oil pipe, water pipe and other sand holes, porosity caused by leakage, can fill with sticky glue coating in clean sand holes, can receive the effect of leakage. Many generator set accessories carter appear sand holes because we failed to do the best protection in the process of maintenance, sand holes lead to leak oil leakage will occur.
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