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by:HMB     2021-01-27
You the machinist everybody is good, we are carter excavators accessories stores. Each machinist is known to all, boring machine is a dangerous work, and more dangerous in mines, may everyone find fun in mines, today we listen to our old driver small super working in mine! Small super learn excavator is a relation with his family, he at that time drivers in big mines, has just started to learn is holding the very big confidence, look at master drivers those movements especially flexible operation, just like our hands, small contact for a long time than for drivers also have a large appetite. Because it is in mine, that is, loading, so small ultra think too simple, the thought of doing a few months, can start, and then you can buy drivers do the boss, but later the little super master told him inside the mine work is not as random as outside, what want to do. Small super want to, I now also pretty casual, then small super as water off the teacher said. Just a few months in the past, the small ultra loading technique is generally ok, teacher don't have to stare at him all day. Problem comes, however, it is a little super cannot unforgettable night, because the site was afraid of the next day it rained, so will all night came up to the time limit for a project, the site above natural embarrassed call small super chef overnight, the burden will fall on me this just learn a few months apprentice to open, small thinking, this is also a learning opportunity, apprentice could a lot of computer operation, the best that you can also combine teacher teaching and practical operation, it is easy to get started. Small ultra high loading to that evening's loading and smoothly, it is 2, good outfit also holds about, need to put off high stone, so the super pad a counter is used to screen stones, small super teacher has said, put a high stone when need to do a good job in protecting the simplest is to dig a big pit in front of the drivers, to be kept behind a retreat, the premise is you drivers counter should be high enough, or a hole to dig deep enough, so as to ensure safety. But it was the most sleepy, little super didn't think so much, then just dug a few times, he suddenly saw a big piece of shadow, awake, immediately react by using his hands and feet, drivers to move back, cab turned 180 degrees, followed by a loud noise, the cab shock, small super thought it over, drivers must be smashed. Put the drivers to level off, down a look, my god, so big a stone, fortunately, people have no matter, if only from the front side down, the consequences can't imagine! So we must be careful and always keep awake state, now the excavation is confidential technical and courage, and to experience. So carter excavators accessories stores here to remind you the tractor driver to pay more attention to safety, finally I wish you all the machinist work smoothly, happy!
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