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by:HMB     2021-01-22
Carter excavators in hydraulic components are many, the hydraulic oil in hydraulic system have the effect of lubrication, if we don't change for a long time carter excavator hydraulic oil will turn black, viscosity is reduced, this will lead to carter mining within the main pump, valve, multiple directional control valves, seals and other hydraulic system accessories carter increased wear and over time can cause various accessories carter large clearance between the internal leakage and the serious influence carter excavators action consistency, unable to wait for a phenomenon. Carter excavators including excavator hydraulic oil black is normal, other new hydraulic oil amber or pale yellow in colour, use after a period of time will become brown or black. Carter excavator hydraulic oil black is going on? Carter excavator hydraulic pump internal impurities inside too much. Hydraulic pump of high-speed chip, so parts are about and hydraulic pump rotation is possible, such as bearings, chamber volume wear. Hydraulic valve core running back and forth, oil cylinder wear debris produced by the running back and forth, carter excavators but a short time won't appear this kind of phenomenon. If your carter excavators is new, the running-in would produce a large number of metal impurity, oil change when it's all the hydraulic oil from the tank to empty, with cotton cloth to wipe clean all tank and add fresh oil. If not empty, then there are probably huge quantities of scrap iron residue in the tank, there are also leads to new oil polluted and black. Carter excavator hydraulic system failure, seventy percent was due to careless use of the hydraulic oil improper selection, caused, change not in time. So to correctly, reasonable use and the hydraulic oil replacement is play carter excavators work performance and economic performance, prolonging the service life of the hydraulic system and its components important condition.
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